Dr Ramesh Babu

  • Dr Ramesh Babu

    Managing Director, Medwin Hospital

    Dr. Ramesh Babu is Chief of Cardiology and Managing Director, Medwin Hospital.  Dr. Ramesh Babu founded Medwin Hospital 20 years ago when corporate  healthcare is almost nonexistent in the country. Medwin Hospital is a 250 bed multispecialty hospital specializing in more than 35 specialties.Dr Ramesh Babu brings in 20 years of expertise in clinical medicine, entrepreneurship, administration and clinical research.

    Dr Ramesh Babu did his post graduation in Internal Medicine, postdoctoral fellowship in Cardiology from Post Graduate Institute, Chandigarh, and Interventional Cardiology Fellowship from University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.  He had an excellent academic career and he was the Best Outgoing Student from the University. He is a life member of Association of Physician of India, Cardiological Society of India and Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. Besides being an active and leading practicing cardiologist, he is one of the leading Principle Investigator for international clinical trials in cardiology  in the country.

    Dr. Ramesh Babu started the concept of 10K Runs in the country by organizing the hugely successful Run for the first time in Hyderabad in 2003. After this more than twenty 10K Runs are being held in various parts of the country. Presently he is the President, TiE Hyderabad Chapter.