Dr. Ramesh Byrapaneni

  • Dr. Ramesh Byrapaneni

    Venture Partner, Ventureast

    Dr. Ramesh Babu MD FACC is a Venture Partner with the Ventureast Tenet Fund, a premier seed-stage VC Fund consisting of investments across technology and technology-enabled sectors. With significant managerial and entrepreneurial experience, Dr. Ramesh brings a passion for early stage ventures, commitment to work, business acumen and a complementary rolodex. Healthcare, Education, Services (Consumer as well as Business) and Government Verticals are his key sectoral strengths.

    Dr. Ramesh was Chief of Cardiology and Managing Director at Medwin Hospital. He is also the President of TiE Hyderabad and one of the Founding Members of Hyderabad Angels. He has been actively involved with Nephroplus a Healthcare startup, backed by funding from Bessemer. He has also jumpstarted various innovative initiatives like Hyderabad 10K run (the first to start these 10k runs in the country) and Health Awareness Promotion Project India (HAPPi) Hearts project to prevent Non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

    Dr. Ramesh has had an excellent academic career. Dr. Ramesh Babu did his postgraduation in Internal Medicine, postdoctoral fellowship in Cardiology from PGI, Chandigarh, and Interventional Cardiology Fellowship from University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA. He was adjudged the Best Outgoing Student from the University.

    Not surprising then that when you ask Dr. Ramesh what he likes, pat comes the reply, ‘Working'. But that does not mean he is all work and no play. His friends believe he is a cheerful person to have around. Dr. Ramesh lives with his wife, Dr. Srinagi, a doctor again, who is as gutsy as her better half. He has two sons and a daughter, and no, they are not doctors. He encouraged them to follow their heart and find their own calling, whether law, engineering or entrepreneurship.