Dr. Ravi Gaur

  • Dr. Ravi Gaur

    MD & COO, Oncquest Laboratories Ltd | @oncquest_lab

    Dr. Ravi Gaur, MD Pathology, is the Chief Operating Officer and Lab Director of Oncquest Laboratories, the largest Molecular Onco Pathology laboratory in India. He has 25 years plus experience in the field of Pathology and Health care management. He brought International recognition to the Indian Healthcare Industry in the form of accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP – USA). Currently he operates over 23 labs, including a super specialty centre in New Delhi with over 500 collection centre’s all over India.

    Dr. Gaur is a member of many expert and advisory bodies of the industry. He is a senior member of FICCI National health care Committee. He is a quality expert with vast experience of NABL processes and was one of first India based Indian to be certified as International inspector for quality audits for College of American Pathology (CAP-USA).Before joining Oncquest in 2009, Dr Gaur was heading North & East India division of Piramal and Pathnet India Ltd ( a unit of Gribbles Pathology, Australia) He has served in the Army Medical Corps for about 15 years and holds a rank of Major of Indian Army. He has recently been awarded for excellence in setting up a global standard molecular pathology lab in India by Word Wide Achievers and ASSOCCHAM.