Dr. Rex Davis

  • Dr. Rex Davis

    MD, dunnhumby India

    Dr. Rex Davis is a leading retail scientist who has spent his career exploring the phenomenon of human behaviour and decision-making within the retail environment. As a marketer, researcher, and an analyst, Rex brings over a decade of experience to dunnhumby in helping businesses better understand their customers and adopt a customer-first approach as a key growth strategy. Rex oversees the company’s Gurgaon, India office and leads the global analyst and technology teams responsible for storing and interpreting customer data and insights for clients around the world. Prior to his current role, Rex served as Vice President, Insights, USA and was responsible for leading the insights solution group, providing leadership in the development of data modeling techniques and the delivery of customer-driven implications for The Kroger Co. and consumer packaged goods (CPG) partners. Since joining the company, Rex has been instrumental in shaping innovation and best practise standards on a global scale. Prior to dunnhumby, Rex spent seven years in marketing, customer loyalty, and analytics at Coles Myer, one of Australia’s two major retailers. At Coles, as National Loyalty Manager Rex was accountable for the company’s investment in fuel, loyalty, and direct marketing. Before that as Head of Analytics, he was responsible for driving insights out of an extensive database that covered 15% of the Australian retail economy. Striving for ever-increasing levels of insight, Rex is a major asset to our India team as the team maximises the value that India brings to dunnhumby globally.