Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni

  • Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni

    Chairman & CEO, 4G Identity Solutions Pvt. Ltd

    Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni, a vascular surgeon by training and a young entrepreneur, has a long-standing passion for applying biometric technology to uniquely identify individuals. He founded 4G Identity Solutions to design, develop and deploy large-scale identity management solutions for the fast-growing Indian market. With a focused vision to benefit mankind on a large scale, Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni assembled and motivated an excellent team of professionals and led the company to win and execute a significant market share in India. His passion, thought leadership, in-house innovative R&D, customised total solutions and execution of world-record-setting ID projects have earned him an enviable reputation worldwide.

    In many emerging countries, the benefits from public welfare schemes of governments and international bodies do not fully reach the targeted population, primarily due to duplicate and bogus identities and leakages in the supply chain. Hundreds of millions of dollars are thus wasted, while the targeted populations continue to suffer. Dr. Sreeni Tripuraneni made it his mission to mitigate this set of challenges, and he conceptualized, produced and successfully implemented the world's largest citizen unique ID data base, and an end-to-end fool-proof distribution system. The resultant good governance has won him accolades from governments and international bodies.