Dr. A Velumani

  • Dr. A Velumani

    Creator and Chief Executive Officer, Thyrocare Technologies Ltd | @Thyrocare

    A visionary and an able business administrator, Dr. Velumani proves amply clearly to industry that , “Focus gives Success”. Born in a small village near Coimbatore, South India, to a landless farmer, today he owns and operates this Industry leader, Thyrocare, a brand worth over Rs. 2000 crores. Began as a mathematician, became a Pathologist, after his PhD in Microbiology from BARC/ Mumbai University in Thyroid Biochemisty. As a Research scientist and Teacher he worked for 14 years in BARC and then in Business he has become an administrator.

    An infecting motivator, has succeeded in converting educated as employable, graduates as professionals, individuals as entrepreneurs, vendors as partners, family members as wealthcreators and of course by his unique way of transforming intimidating problems into opportunities for prosperity.