Dr.Mahipal S. Sachdev

  • Dr.Mahipal S. Sachdev

    Chairman and Medical Director, Center for Sight | @CentreforSight

    Dr Mahipal. S. Sachdev, Chairman & Medical Director of Centre For Sight was honored with Padmashri award on January 26, 2007. He is a renowned ophthalmic Surgeon who is recognized for his expertise in the area of  Cataract and Refractive  Surgery, both nationally and internationally. He has a penchant for emerging technology and is a leader in adopting world class technology to the Indian Ophthalmic space. He holds the distinction of having performed the maximum number of femtosecond assisted bladefree cataract surgeries in the country.

    He pursued his medical education at the graduate and post graduate level at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He later joined AIIMS as a Faculty Member. In the year 1989 on a sabbatical from the AIIMS and to master the latest in eye care, he took up a Fellowship at Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA for a year and then returned to AIIMS. Upon his return he pioneered the technique of phacoemulsification stitchless cataract surgery in India.

    He has authored over 5 books on cataract & Refractive surgery including the first book on phaco by an Indian Ophthalmologist. These books are today referred to by every budding Ophthalmologist.