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  • Drug Today Times

    Drug Today Medical Times (DTMT) is the leading newspaper devoted to the Health Sector, published from New Delhi, India, under the aegis of Drug Today, which has, since its inception in the year 1993, been South Asia’s most comprehensive and most-trusted medical publication. Being a vibrant newspaper, medical professionals across the country identify with DTMT. DTMT is a complete health newspaper which is bringing healthcare issue out of the closet. Brought out by a core group of healthcare professionals, the newspaper has worked as a catalyst to usher in change for the better in this industry.

    DTMT provides accurate information and reporting on the latest development in the field of health and hygiene and keeps the readers abreast with the latest research across the world. Doctors and healthcare professionals across South Asia find DTMT to be of value in their day-to-day work, which is why they preserve even past copies of this publication.

    Being a unique publication of this industry, thousands of leading lights from this sector have been featured in and are associated with DTMT and have become part of a very large and growing DTMT family.