Dynaflex private limited

  • Dynaflex private limited

    Established in1986, Dynaflex is one of the handful manufacturers of security & tamper evident envelopes & bags.


    The security range of products range from security envelopes used in online shopping, courier bags to most complicated security bags used in international aviation or defense services .


    Dynaflex Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 90001 certified and ICAO Approved.


    Our current product range is as below:


    Security Envelopes: They are manufactured with flap, which has a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive strip for easy & permanent closure. Once sealed properly, it cannot be opened, has to be torn.  It is widely used for online shopping delivery, secure mailing, storage of sensitive data & direct mailing, also available in small volumes in retail ready packs.


    Courier Bags: These are security envelopes with jacket for inserting airway bill, and are widely used by courier and logistics industry.


    Packing List Envelopes: These adhesive holders are attached/adhered to Cartons/Boxes, Woven sacks, Drums, Courier bags etc. allowing for waybill, consignment notes etc. to be inserted. The clear material allows for the waybill etc. to be easily read through the pouch. The total closure of the waybill holder ensures that the document does not get lost in transit. In addition they are also protected from adverse weather.


    Tamper Evident Bags: The unique feature of this bag is that "VOID" pattern appears when someone tries to tamper with the contents. It is used in sensitive areas where proof of tampering is required such as in Defense, Govt. Tenders, authentic spares, exam papers, forensic evidence etc.