• Edugild

    EDUGILD is a global edtech accelerator, based in India. It is  successfully accelerating companies from India, USA and Europe. We prefer high tech companies leveraging Augmented Reality, Robotics, Virtual Reality, NLP, Machine Language, University Destinations, Corporate Life Long Learning, Skills Assessment and enhancement, to name a few, in the knowledge management space.

    A strong selection committee and mentors comprising of representatives from Cambridge University, Press, EPG-UK, Tata Class Edge, Fresco Capital(Japan, SFO, HK), Upgrad(A Ronnie Screwvala venture), Sage Publications, Brand Capital, Pearson(HK), Zee Learn, Lets Venture, World Bank, Edulab, Ah! Ventures,  EdTech Israel, to name a few, makes all the difference to what we stand for. A three stage assessment process is undertaken for all applications and the batches commence in Feb and Sept of each year.

    An intensive 12-18months program provides structure and support to edtech companies in areas of Technology, Product Roadmap, Organisation Dev, Business and Revenue Generation, Marketing and PR Maturity, Global Scale-up opportunities in USA-UK-Israel-China, Investor readiness and funds raising/deployment.  Our partners that support the companies include EPG UK, EdTech Israel, JMDEdu China, Kreativ Street, FundHound, Traxcn, Adfactors PR, Legal Logic, Hreem  Legal and Wittypen.