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    Food Talk India is one of India's largest Digital Food Communities- that brings together people with a passion for Food.

    Founded in 2013 by Founder Shuchir Suri and Co-Founder Anjali Batra, Food Talk India has evolved to become a crowd sourced online platform, where users share their culinary adventures, restaurant reviews and discover new places and food to eat - through ‘real time’ recommendations.

    With a large following of over 400k people across Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Food Talk India has established itself as a Digital Food Influencer with
    a highly engaged and interactive audience.

    Food Talk India Experiences:
    Besides being a Digital influencer, Food Talk India also curates one of a kind concept driven events across the country in association with Restaurants and F&B Brands. With a vision to give people a new way to dine out and meet interesting people- these curated events are designed to give guests an interactive gourmet experience in the company of fun like minded people.

    Coming Soon:
    Food Talk Plus: A hyper-local dish discovery Mobile app that will be launching in Delhi this winter.

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