• G-Square

    G-Square Solutions Pvt Ltd works in the Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence space in the Financial services and Fintech space. It chose to be in this space realising the large Industry opportunity and our own subject-matter expertise. We have made a mark in the Analytics Industry working for reputed Banks, Payments, Asset Mgmt, Insurance, Wealth Mgmt, NBFCs and other Fintech cos. We have a strong products and services proposition for payment companies. We are trying to provide plug and play products to help Business Managers/Product managers/Analytics teams/Risk managers to get the analytics solutions leading to decision making on the go. Our product range includes:


    • Narrator - Automated Insighting & prescriptive analytics tool  which throws valuable Insights and visualization for the business teams.
    • Channelrator - is the sales analytics tool to enhance productivity of the sales force of any organization w.r.t. sales channel/sales force potential, productivity and optimization.
    • Clientrator -  is a predictive analytics tool which helps in customer analytics
    • Riskrator -  is a tool which performs risk and return attribution of Equity portfolios.
    • Derivator - It prices simple and complex derivative products  for Equity and Fx options meant for banks, brokers & portfolio mangers.