Girish Nair

  • Girish Nair

    CEO, Netcore

    Girish Nair joined netCORE as the Chief Operating Officer in 2005 and was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in late 2011. During his tenure at netCORE, revenues have increased over 10 times in 8 years and employee strength has grown 5 times. At netCORE, he helped in setting up the Mobility division and also helped the company in becoming a leader in email and mobile marketing. Under his leadership, netCORE has won several domestic and international mobile marketing awards and recognitions. Girish has contributed to netCORE in a great way by making it an innovative and competitive workplace and bringing in a professional, open and fun loving culture into the organization.

    Girish completed his Engineering degree at IIT Bombay, India and then did his Masters in Engineering, specializing in Robotics from Virginia Tech, USA. He also pursued engineering management studies at Stanford, USA. He worked in the Silicon Valley, USA for 15 years with different sizes of companies, ranging from startups to mid-sized companies to large public enterprises.

    Girish started his career as a developer of automation products at Consilium (later acquired by Applied Materials) and soon after, helped build the mission critical automated material handling system at Intel’s factory in Ireland. He then became one of the youngest Program Managers at Intel, responsible for large factory automation projects.

    Later, he joined what was then a relatively small start-up Webvan, where he was primarily responsible for the deployment, scalability and technology integration of the critical distribution centre at the heart of the business. Webvan grew to be one of the largest eCommerce companies in the US in 1999. Girish later joined Siebel where he was Senior Director and managed several diverse engineering groups.