Greenlight Planet India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Greenlight Planet India Pvt. Ltd.

    Greenlight Planet (GLP) is a social enterprise that delivers life-changing SunKingTM solar-powered lights to un/under-electrified homes globally. GLP has delivered over 4 million solar lights through strategic partnerships across 40 countries globally. GLP is working with organizations having rural focus, such as, Agricultural companies, rural retail networks, large Microfinance Institutions and NGOs. Through these partnerships, GLP has been able to increase the productivity, income generation capacity and quality of life of the customers. GLP has won Lemelson Innovation Award, 2008 and Ashok Solar for All Award, 2010 for its products. While it has received 5 star ratings from Global Impact Investment Rating System (GIIRS) and Lighting Africa. GLP has been recognized by Forbes and The Economist for its product quality, innovation and disruption.

    Greenlight Planet has contributed tangible benefits of solar lighting to the daily life of SunKingTM users, from improved respiratory health to longer productive working hours. SunKingTM users have reported 25% increase in household income due to the ability to work at night with 84% users feeling improved quality of life at their home. GLP further intends to expand its reach so that off-grid and partial grid families around the world can have a safer and brighter life.