• HRHNext

    India-A Land of diversity, multiple religions and different dialects poses an imposing challenge for companies looking at engaging with their customers in a uniform & seamless manner. HRHnext’s next generation suite of communication technologies backed by renowned people practices ensures that your customers are addressed in the language of their choice and in a manner that they expect. We offer customer engagement solutions in over 12 different Indian Languages under a single roof. Be it through Voice, Chat or E-mail you can be rest assured of leaving all your engagements and communications to us.

    HRHnext was born with a very clear objective of catering primarily to Indian clients by offering world class customer engagement solutions and at prices that made sense. Today, we are the trusted contact center for many from the Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Media, Government, Foodteck, Wellness, E-commerce, On-demand service providers and others.

    Our solutions come to you at ZERO upfront CAPEX, freeing your hard earned seed capital for product deployment. HRHnext’s experienced team ensures you save precious time and money on hiring/training & recruiting. Our native adaptable technology platform ensures easy integration with your systems. Our stringent quality practices (ISO 9001:2008  & ISO 27001) ensure the implementation of best practices right from Day 1 of your operations.

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