Jaydeep Shetty

  • Jaydeep Shetty

    CEO, Mineral Fashions Pvt Ltd

    After having worked in Media, Cinema and Retail, I have had an exciting career graph with almost no dull moments.

    Specialize in incubating new ventures and have worked on Operations and Marketing across varied product and service groups. Huge ability to multitask both large and small projects.

    Strong skills in business planning and reducing complexity in operations and merchandising.

    I have had intense exposure to senior management professionals in top international companies, as well as design service providers across the globe. Can work with people of virtually every country or culture with ease.

    I possess an informal management style and am low on theory, high on execution.

    I have been profit centre head for three businesses in Future Group Retail.

    Specialties: Branding and Identity, Operations Business Development and Incubation of New Businesses