John Mathew

  • John Mathew

    Co-founder & CEO, Riafy Technologies

    John Mathew is an entrepreneur, programmer and designer. He is one of those rare coders who can design. He along with his 5 friends co founded Riafy Technologies in 2013 straight out of college. Together they create beautiful pieces of code that make people's lives easier. He is a joint patent holder on relational intelligence; a system used to power their apps.

    They launched Cookbook in September 2013. It's a cooking app that let's people discover recipes they would love to eat. In just under two years, the company has received 12.5 million downloads, spanning 157 countries and 20 languages. They're also the first company in India to be honoured with both the Top Developer and Editors' Choice badges on Google Play.

    John attended Google I/O in 2015 where Cookbook became one of the first companies from India to be showcased. He is also one of the young entrepreneurs to be part of TEDx.

    He and his team believe that technology makes sense only when it can touch people's lives. Hence they focus on building experiences, not just products.