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    Magictel was found in Year 2012 and was involved in Value Added service & App distribution through various channels. Retail distribution channel for Mobile Applications was started in early 2014 and today we are number one Mobile App Distribution Company for the offline distribution in terms of user acquisition and our retail distribution channel is one of the most reliable offline channels. We are already distributing some of the top global mobile Apps through our channel & we have already acquired more than 5 million users for our partners through our channel. Our focus is not only on the Quantity of users acquires but also on the Quality of the users acquired through our channel.

    With over 163 Million Smart Phone users in India, and over 1.5 million Android apps in the market, we want to limit the dependency on the online Market places for distributing the Mobile Applications. Since Mobile Retail Outlets are the best place where the end user comes looking for mobiles and things related to it , these Retail outlets can offer the best targeted customer for mobile application companies. To counter that we launched Mobile Application Distribution Channel (App Junction) in which we help to generate a lot of buzz in the market for application companies at the point of mobile handset sale.

    Our Target is to expand our channel to more than 50,000 Retail outlets and 20 million user acquisition for our App Partners in next 2 Years.