Max Get More by Loylty Rewardz

  • Max Get More by Loylty Rewardz

    Loylty Rewardz, India's premier loyalty and rewards management company, develops comprehensive data intelligence from consumers’ spending behaviour.

    With a team of over 500+ professionals who have expertise and capabilities to develop and manage large-scale turnkey loyalty solutions, Loylty Rewardz manages loyalty programs for a growing consumer base of over 1 Billion profiles in India under its flagship brand – Max Get More and enjoys more than 74% market share of all debit cards issued in India. Loylty Rewardz currently processes over 2.5 billion transactions yearly and has awarded more than 30 billion loyalty points to consumers in India till date.

    Max Get More is a first-of-its-kind, multi-currency, multi-functional and dynamic consumer commerce platform that comprises India’s leading 24 banks, their consumers and 85+ retail brands in India, thereby enabling a win-win-win deal for consumers, retailers and banks. It awards loyalty points to 1 in every 2 debit card transactions in India.

    Loylty Rewardz has not only pioneered in loyalty programs for India’s biggest banks but has also built a robust platform for the under-databased retail industry in India by providing technology-driven consumer insights.

    It is the only loyalty management company in India with PCI-DSS certification. Its passion is supported by its strength and in-depth understanding of every aspect of loyalty management, making it a valuable partner for its clients.