Pablo Erat

  • Pablo Erat

    Partner, Pioneering Ventures AG

    Dr. Pablo Erat, Partner at Pioneering Ventures, is an entrepreneur, investor and a passionate triathlete. He has over 15 years of strategy consulting experience and strong entrepreneurial track record within various industries. He has over 8 years of leadership experience in the incubation and development of industrial-size agricultural and food supply chain investments in India.

    Throughout his career, Pablo has incubated and successfully led companies in the area of consulting, digital commerce, technology, and food processing. Within consulting, he co-founded the strategy consulting firm Executive Insight and became a recognized thought leader within the development transformative strategies and competence based organizational models improving strategic decision making and fostering cultural change, organizational learning and innovation. Pablo simultaneously lectured on corporate strategy at the Department of Management, Technology and Economics at ETH and his innovative ideas and concepts have been published in numerous industry and academic journals and presented at international forums and conferences.

    Pablo joined Pioneering Ventures a project CEO in 2009 with the initial assignment to lead the incubation of Citrus International, India’s first and only industry scale orange juice concentrate manufacturer. Under his leadership, the project team developed the business turn-key solution, acquired Proterra as lead-investor and HDFC and PepsiCo as co-investors.

    In his current role as a Partner at Pioneering Ventures, Pablo is focusing on investor relations, corporate communication and strategic guidance of venture development. Examples of new ventures are MilkLane, a company which aims to become India’s largest aggregator and supplier of high quality milk and FarmLink, a company modernizing the entire supply chain for F&B with the aim to become the largest and most preferred supplier of value-added fresh produce for industrial scale off-takers.

    Pablo at the age of 34 decided to radically change his habits and start living a more healthy and active life. On this journey, Pablo discovered endurance training and became a passionate triathlete. Despite a demanding job, including long working hours, extensive responsibility and heavy travel, Pablo managed to transform himself from an unhealthy business professional to a multiple amateur Ironman champion with a personal best of 8 hours and 50 minutes. Over the past 10 years, Pablo has completed 20 full distance Ironman races, became European Champion in long-distance triathlon and Swiss Champion in ultramarathon cycling in the “couples’ category” together with his wife Lucia.

    Pablo earned his Master's degree in Strategy and Organization as well as his Doctorate at the Institute of Management (IFB) at the University of St. Gallen (St. Gallen, Switzerland).