Pradeep Lokhande

  • Pradeep Lokhande

    CEO, Rural Relations

    Pradeep Lokhande’s goal to reach out and contribute to the development of rural India inspired him to embark on a mission 20 years ago, which is today known as Rural Relations. Banking on one of his prime area of interests, Information Technology, Pradeep installed used computers in rural secondary schools, where the interest and curiosity of students is very high. Till 2009 Rural Relations was able to install 20,000 used computers directly or indirectly across 10 states in India.

    Post the success of this initiative, Pradeep embarked on yet another movement named Non-Resident Villagers (NRV) movement. With the help of NRV, till date 3,280 Gyan-key libraries in rural secondary schools have been established. In addition to this Pradeep is also credited with the game changer initiative villagewiKY, which is an open information platform of key and feeder villages of India.

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