Process Nine is a language technology company focused on 360 degree localization of digital businesses. We localize web sites, mobile apps, content and communications in local languages. Our technologies make localization quick, easy, high quality, scalable and affordable. Over 85% of Indian population is not English-literate, whereas 90% of the Internet content is in English. Process Nine has the vision to make Internet accessible in native languages and enable e-businesses access one billion new users.

    Website/App localization is required to target tier 2, 3 and smaller towns, increase app downloads and reach out to masses of the country. With MOX technology, it’s a single click automation process to completely translate and distribute the digital content in more than 9 Indian languages.

    MOX Wave: Cloud based API to Translate/Transliterate high volume of content through automated machine translation as well as machine assisted translation.
    MOX Gateway: One click localization of web sites and mobile apps with no change of source code.
    MOX Mobile: Localization of mobile and other digital devices to support all Indian languages.

    We currently address customers in domains including e-Commerce, Music/entertainment, Travel, classifieds, Healthcare, e-Governance, BFSI and more.