Rajesh Yabaji

  • Rajesh Yabaji

    Co-founder & CEO, BlackBuck

    Rajesh is the Co-Founder of BlackBuck. BlackBuck is an online marketplace for logistics transactions, bridging the demand and supply facets in the road-freight space. The freight market has long been lacking efficiency, reliability and transparency. Keeping technology at its core, BlackBuck has endeavored to revolutionize this space by making the overall transportation process simple and effective, thereby bringing in a seamless transactional experience for both its customers and truckers. Blackbuck has created impact in this ecosystem through its proprietary products and processes, that enable online indenting, real-time access demand visibility, shipment tracking, pricing and performance analytics, fleet management, fair and competitive pricing etc. available both on web-based and mobile-based platforms.

    Rajesh graduated from IIT Kharagpur in the year 2010. He started his professional career as a Supply Chain Manager in the Leaf Tobacco Business of ITC Ltd, where he led the supply chain transformation to streamline operations. Post this, he moved into the capacity of Business Manager in the ITC’s Foods business, responsible for building a new FMCG Business Category.