Rajiv Mehta

  • Rajiv Mehta

    MD, PUMA South Asia

    A foodie at heart, an engineer by profession and a retailer by passion – meet Rajiv Mehta, the young and multi-faceted Managing Director of PUMA South Asia. A chemical engineer from ICT in Mumbai, Rajiv then completed his MS at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked for three years at BOC in New Jersey where he was responsible for driving research, design and development, before the academic bug hit once more – resulting in an MBA from the prestigious INSEAD University in Singapore. Upon graduating, Rajiv was identified by the global SportLifestyle brand PUMA to head their Indian operations at the young age of 27.

    Today, after 7 years at the helm, Rajiv’s contribution is recognized as instrumental in establishing PUMA as the creative leader of SportLifestyle in the country. With a singular vision to aesthetically blend sport, fashion and lifestyle, Rajiv is credited with the transformation of PUMA from being a new entrant to becoming the 2nd largest sports brand in India. He strategically spearheaded the marketing and distribution of PUMA in India with the establishment of the first retail store in Chennai in 2006. Today, PUMA has a brand presence across more than 60 cities in India with a retail presence of over 200 stores. Under his stellar leadership, the company in India has grown to a 180 people strong team operating out of 4 offices and headquartered in Bangalore.

    Rajiv has played a pivotal role in spreading the brand ethos of fun and joy. This is strongly reflected in the young and vibrant work culture at PUMA India wherein the ‘PUMA Way” of doing things with a generous measure of cool quotient is the norm. Rajiv is an adventure sports enthusiast and is a P2 level certified pilot for paragliding. Water sports, particularly white water rafting, bungee jumping and skydiving are amongst his adventure sports passions.