RevvX Hardware Accelerator

  • RevvX Hardware Accelerator

    Start-ups avail of RevvX ( Formerly Co-Labs) pool of Expert support to Quickly and cheaply test/learn/iterate, Hit the sweet spot in Product Market fit and launch their ventures on a growth trajectory of rapid scale.

    Design - Revvx has partnered with Design Labs in US, Europe and Asia who help take ideas through rapid prototyping.
    Manufacture: Our PCB Manufacturing Fab Labs in India,China and Taiwan help build the Prototypes.
    Capital Raise: We help startups raise capital through Angel and crowdfunds.
    Sourcing: Revvx has offices in Shenzhen and Taipei to facilitate the Component Sourcing, Manufacture, Assembly, Testing, Packaging and Logistics.
    Distribution: RevvX has partnered with Distribution channels both online and offline to promote the Sales of finished products to Consumers as well as Enterprises.
    Marketing: Revvx shall help showcase Startups in various forms, demo Days, Events, Media from TV,Radio,Print to Digital.

    RevvX Shall take minor equity in the company as part of the Accelerator Program. Equities vary based on the stage of the company.