Rohit Bhayana

  • Rohit Bhayana

    Managing Partner and Co- founder, Lumis Partners

    Rohit is the Managing Partner and co-Founder of Lumis. Working across a global footprint, Rohit has created strategies & built a synergistic portfolio of businesses; run technology businesses; managed M&A; and led large Outsourcing Initiatives.

    In Lumis, Rohit has been actively involved in the critical blocks across - building the Team, executing the Operating philosophy of the fund, and honing on the thematic synergy in multiple ecosystems and portfolios that have been built. He directly owns the fund's strategy in Supply Chain and has been actively building the Portfolio.

    Before Lumis Partners, Rohit was at GE, and in his last position, he led GE's Software business (GESS), which eventually merged with Genpact. Rohit's career at GE spanned across multiple businesses including leading GE's Global Outsourcing Initiative.

    Rohit is a postgraduate from the London School of Economics and an Engineer in Computer Science from Delhi University.