Rujan Panjwani

  • Rujan Panjwani

    Executive Director, Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd

    A veteran in the financial services industry, Rujan Panjwani has over two and half decades of experience in the industry working across all asset classes. Rujan has been with Edelweiss group since 2000 and has played an important role in setting up several businesses for the Edelweiss Group including Asset Management and Credit. He helped set up the Group’s Treasury and Balance sheet unit and is a member of the Assets & Liabilities Committee (ALCO) that primarily oversees the implementation of an effective process for managing Edelweiss’s interest rate, liquidity and similar market risks relating to the balance sheet and associated activities, including the adoption of policies, risk limits and capital levels from time to time. He also set up Edelweiss’s Global Risk Group – the nodal point for all risk monitoring and management and is a member of the Global Risk Committee – the highest decision making body in Edelweiss on Risk-related issues.