Sandeep B Ghule

  • Sandeep B Ghule

    Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, TranServ Pvt. Ltd

    Sandeep is a co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer of TranServ, which has been at the forefront of building & implementing innovative electronic payment products in India.

    TranServ Shmart!TM products simplify making and receiving payments - on mobile devices, on the web or in shops across India. Shmart!TM is built around a digital wallet platform which allows individuals to receive funds from own sources as well as from other individuals or corporate entities and such funds can be used across the online as well as offline points.

    Sandeep has spent 15 years building & marketing payment products at leading Banks in India. Prior to TranServ, Sandeep was Senior Vice President and Head of Card Products at HSBC India where he was responsible for Product & Marketing Strategy, Card Spends and delivering a seamless customer experience by working in close co-ordination with other payment functions such as distribution, technology, operations, customer service, compliance and risk management.