Satyen V Kothari

  • Satyen V Kothari

    Chairman/Founder, Citrus Payment Solutions Pvt Ltd

    Satyen is the Chairman/Founder of Citrus Payment Solutions. He leads overall strategy, product, user experience, marketing, and strategic alliances for Citrus.

    He spent 15 years in the Silicon Valley establishing companies in the areas of marketing automation, social e-commerce, and strategy/design consulting. He loves questioning the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what the accepted norms are. His career has included stints with several start-ups and larger companies such as Intuit, First Data, Cisco, AOL, Yahoo, frog Design & Apple. This has involved being an entrepreneur, a mentor, an investor, a consultant, and an educator in start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, incubators, and educational institutes across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

    He secured a Masters from Stanford University in tech entrepreneurship/HCI/Computer Science in 1996, and has a BE in Computer Science/Engineering from Bombay University (1995). He is an occasional kite-surfer, alternative travel fan, and a dedicated consumer of gourmet mixology.