Saurabh Arora

  • Saurabh Arora

    CEO & Co-founder, Lybrate

    Saurabh Arora is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Lybrate, India’s first and largest mobile healthcare communication and delivery platform. With Lybrate, he is striving to make healthcare more accessible in India and bridge the demand-supply gap of healthcare experts by seamlessly connecting doctors and patients with the help of technology and letting them communicate using mobile phones.

    Saurabh brings huge entrepreneurial product experience to the venture. Prior to founding Lybrate, Saurabh worked with Facebook Inc in the United States where he connected SMEs and large advertisers to their customers using Facebook Ads.

    While working with Facebook, Saurabh decided to come back and fix the fundamental issue that plagued the Indian healthcare, which was inaccessibility of doctors. He noticed that people were blindly relying on chemists, who were not even qualified to prescribe medicines, for fixing their health problems. The thought of the situation being much grave in tier 2 and 3 cities, and the conviction to find out a solution, prompted Saurabh to incorporate Lybrate, where he connected patients to doctors much in the same way he connected SMEs and large advertisers to their customers using Facebook Ads in Facebook.

    Lybrate provides people the opportunity to seek multiple opinions from doctors and bridges effectively the yawning demand-supply gap of healthcare experts in the country. With a strong network of 80,000 doctors from across India, Lybrate acts as the world’s largest online Out Patient Department (OPD).

    Saurabh is an MBA from Columbia Business School. He pursued his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the country’s premier Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.