Shashank ND

  • Shashank ND

    Founder & CEO, Practo

    Shashank is responsible for the overall vision and direction of Practo while maintaining an active role in building Practo’s game changing products. He started Practo in 2008 when he discovered that there was a profound need to transform the healthcare industry and center it around the patient – he calls this approach ‘Patient First’ and this is one of the guiding lights for all decisions at Practo.

    He’s put Practo on a mission to help improve human health and longevity and visualizes a patient friendly healthcare ecosystem enabled by Practo where patients and doctors are seamlessly connected with a secure and easy flow of health information. He wants Practo to be “Your health app”. The only app you need for any healthcare related activity.

    Over the past several years, he has built Practo into a company that touches millions of lives in multiple cities and countries every month, by helping them make better healthcare decisions.

    Shashank has a B.Tech from the prestigious NIT, Surathkal and is a founder circle member of iSPIRT, a think tank for the Indian software industry. Shashank has been featured in the ‘30 under 30’ list of young influential people to watch by Forbes in 2015 and has recently been listed in Fortune’s 40 under 40 (2017) most promising businesses in India.