Shirish Deodhar

  • Shirish Deodhar

    CEO and Co-Founder, Sapience Analytics

    Shirish Deodhar provides overall leadership at Sapience Analytics ( The company’s eponymously named,  patent-pending and award-winning product helps build ‘A Mindful EnterpriseTM’, and thereby ensures that employees and teams can achieve significant productivity improvement coupled with greater work-life harmony.

    Shirish is a serial entrepreneur, whose previous two software companies had successful exits to global majors - Symantec Corp. in 1999, and Symphony Services Inc. in 2004. Subsequently, as head of their Pune subsidiaries, he helped achieve rapid business growth to 600+ employees and over $25 million revenue in 3.5 years each.

    Shirish has done his B-Tech (EE) from IIT Mumbai, followed by a Master’s degree from USA. He holds a US patent and filed two more recently, has presented ten technical papers, won several excellence awards, and has written a book titled ‘From Entrepreneurs to Leaders’ published in 2010 by Tata McGraw-Hill.