Shripal Gandhi

  • Shripal Gandhi

    Founder & CEO, Swipe Telecom India Pvt. Ltd

    CNBC Young Turk, Shripal Gandhi is the founder and CEO of Swipe Telecom. Building the multi-million dollar company from scratch, Shripal has played a crucial role since the inception and subsequent global expansion of Swipe. With over a decade of industry expertise in diverse verticals under his belt, Shripal has successfully taken Swipe from being a nascent organization to the apex market leader in several states in the country. With a growing pan-India presence, focus on innovations and eyes set on international markets, Swipe Telecom has flourished with Shripal at the helm of affairs.

    Always an overachiever, Shripal graduated top of his class from the University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, transitioning to the prestigious University of California, Riverside (UCR) to complete his MS in chemical engineering. Having written several papers in reputed scientific journals to universal critical acclaim and with 11 patents in Nanotechnology under his name, Shripal was noticed by a leading nanotechnology company, Unidym (Palo Alto, CA, USA), where he drove the developments for commercialization of transparent conductive film applications. During his tenure at Unidym, Shripal worked with industry leaders like Samsung (Korean Division), Motorola and Apple, developing next generations touch screen technologies for handsets and portable navigation devices and other consumer electronic products in USA, Korea and Japan.

    He was also a research scientist and a project leader at Nanomix (Emeryville, CA, USA), contributing to fundamental nanoelectronic breakthroughs that resulted in several intellectual property and trade secrets. As an application development scientist, he was instrumental in developing infrastructure, processes and technologies for solution phase deposition of functional nanomaterials.