Siddhesh Bhobe

  • Siddhesh Bhobe

    CEO, eMee

    After 15 years as a technocrat in a wide variety of domains ranging from tire manufacturing, media & Entertainment, banking and healthcare, Siddhesh is now focused on delivering high value business solutions, addressing the key concerns of CEOs, CMOs and their customers.

    As CEO for eMee, he’s focused on delivering business centric gamification and engagement solutions in a variety of domains, including Retail and marketing, HR, healthcare, learning and media. He’s a passionate speaker and writer on gamification.

    He joined Persistent in Feb 1998 after his M.Tech,  from IIT Bombay and currently he is the Center Head for Persistent systems, Pune. His mobile-enabled solution for Bridgestone Europe won the NASSCOM Innovation Award  for Market Facing Business Model and Business Process Innovation.

    Originally from Goa, he’s very passionate about 5 Cs: Cinema, Cuisine, Cars, Camera and Cats, not necessarily in that order. He’s an avid blogger (