Sofi Bergkvist

  • Sofi Bergkvist

    Senior Researcher, Center for Emerging Markets Solutions, ISB

    Sofi Bergkvist is the Managing Director of ACCESS Health International, India. An economist with a focus on efficient health care delivery, Sofi has a Master of Science degree in International Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and has studied at the MBA program at McGill in Montreal.

    She manages the health care initiative collaborating with the Centre for Emerging Markets Solutions (CEMS) has a special interest in health finance. Prior to this, Sofi was a health care analyst for a private equity firm with investments in India. She has also worked in management consulting on outsourcing of public sector services, with UNFPA in Malawi and carried out a cost-effectiveness study of the national Road Map for reduced maternal mortality.

    Sofi has also worked as an advisor to the European Commission's Delegation to the United Nations on sustainable development issues.