Sunil Mishra

  • Sunil Mishra

    Group Chief Strategy Officer,, and

    Sunil Mishra is the group ChiefStrategy Officer -, and Currently leadingthe complex project of integration of businesses and driving the Strategy &Corporate Initiatives of the merged entity. He joined as theChief Business Officer in April 2015 and overlooked three sub-businesses –Primary Residential Sales, Developer Marketing Campaigns, and Data &Consulting Insights.

    With an overall industry presenceof 22 years, Sunil has extensive exposure of building businesses and hisexperience spans across sales & marketing, private equity, managementconsulting and business analysis. Prior to joining, Sunil workedfor 6 years as the CEO of Karvy Private Wealth, the wealth management arm ofthe Karvy Stock-Broking Group. He was the founding member of Karvy PrivateWealth since early 2009, and built this business in India and the Middle East.

    Sunil worked at Bharti Airtelprior to Karvy, and he was the Regional Head of Marketing, responsible for aUS$ 800mn revenue pool. He had joined Bharti Airtel after returning from Londonin 2003 where he worked for WorldTel (a United Nations-backed entity) as aFinancial Analyst and later on as a Project Manager, working on investmentsmade in countries like Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Mexico and India.

    Sunil brings to the C-league aunique blend of experience – spanning the hyper-competitive mobile telecomindustry, the HNI-facing Wealth Management business in the fragmented financialservices sector, and now in the Consumer Internet sector through online realestate. Simultaneously, he has also accumulated a unique set of skills – frombeing a Private Equity Financial Analyst (WorldTel) to being a ManagementConsultant (KPMG) and finally building a world-class business of scale andimpeccable processes (Karvy Private Wealth). He carries a multi-geography &multi-cultural experience, having worked in India and abroad.

    Sunil earned his MBA from theIndian Institute of Management in Bangalore. He has a Bachelor’s degree inElectronics Engg from VJTI, Mumbai University.

    Sunil is a self-confessedInternet and social media freak and is an avid Tweeter on diverse subjects(@Smish2020) of leadership, strategy, current affairs and urban living. Hewrites a blog, He is a voracious reader and an ardentstudent of management and leadership practices. He is also the author of a book'Return of the Hypotenuse (Poetry in Math and Science)', published in 2015.