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Techcircle Startup 2016 - Bengaluru
Conserve and Grow, or Perish

After a record 2015 for Indian venture capital and private equity, 2016 is already off to a slow start.

After attracting a record $20 billion in PE/VC funds in 2015 (VCCedge data), up from $12.5 billion in the previous year, Indian companies are already seeing a 50% drop in new funding, if the first quarter of 2016 is any indication.

Signs are adding up that the Great Indian Startup Funding Story is unraveling on the edges.  Late-stage funding of at least $20 million has started drying up with many VCs unequivocally said they would write fewer cheques this year. This has already set off a consolidation drive in Indian consumer internet. A few startups have shut shop, while many are scrambling to cut costs by shrinking footprint and staff. Already, some 3,000 startup jobs have disappeared in just the last six months. And many angels have stepped to the sidelines.

It is clear that the easy-money phase for the Indian startups is over and a new phase of hard knocks has just begun. Are startups prepared to deal with this new reality of constrained supply of capital? Can they adapt and weather this challenge? Are they able to capitalize on the expertise and resources of their investors, besides just funding? How best are they equipped to win and retain customers without burning too much capital? And are they able to execute right? These are some of the key questions Techcircle Startup 2016 in Bengaluru will seek to answer.

Along with this the Bengaluru edition of Techcircle Startup will provide a comprehensive insight on the startup ecosystem in and around Bengaluru bringing together cutting-edge and disruptive early-stage startups, current and potential investors, angels, seed funds, incubators, accelerators & mentors, along with many of India’s most active VC/PE funds.

Day 1:  27 April

Techcircle Startup Walkabouts
A guided tour of India’s top venture capital funds, leading startups and corporates in Bengaluru for an interactive session with the top management. Here, participants will get to meet the team, see how the best companies function, interact and learn more about India’s best entrepreneurship stories and much more. Limited slots available on a first come first serve basis. Each delegate can apply for one walkabout slot only.

10:00am to 11:00am (Slots full) 2:00pm to 3:00pm (Slots full)
I. Kalaari Capital Advisors P Ltd (20 Seats) (Slots full)
ReSpace, Ascendas Park Square Mall - Level 2, International Tech Park, Whitefield Road, Near ITPB in Bangalore.
IV. Prime Venture Partners (20 Seats) (Slots full)
Sigma Tech Park, Alpha Block, Ground Floor, Ramagondanahalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru
II. Microsoft Ventures (20 Seats) (Slots full)
JNR City Center 30, Raja Rammohan Roy Road
Bangalore - 560001
V. InMobi (20 Seats) (Slots full)
7th Floor, Delta Block, Embassy Tech Square, Marathahalli - Sarjapur Outer Ring Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103
III. Axilor Ventures Private Limited (20 Seats) (Slots full)
15th Cross Rd, KR Layout, JP Nagar VI Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078


Day II: 28 April

Techcircle Startup Fair
This is where you get a chance to exhibit your business, display your products, pitch to the right set of investors and have a daylong engagement with startup experts. If you are a startup, technology service provider, or business service provider including accountants, lawyers, payroll managers, head hunters, tech service providers and social media consultants, this is your chance to market and grow your business. Book your slot now.

08.30am - 09.15am

09.15am - 09.30am
Welcome Address by Nita Kapoor, Head, India - New Ventures, Newscorp & CEO, The VCCircle Network

09.30am - 10.15am
Panel 1: Growth Models for start-ups: Building scale in the challenging funding environment
With easy money phase coming to an end, the scope of building large user base by burning millions of dollars in the hope of future profits becomes increasingly limited. Can startups adopt sustainable business models without compromising on growth? Will existing venture capitalists help them in tough times?

Sudhir Sethi - Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, IDG Ventures
Meena Ganesh - Co-founder, MD & CEO, Portea Medical & Partner - GrowthStory
Byju Raveendran - Founder, Byju’s
Sumit Gupta, Group President & Country Head – Retail Banking Assets Group, Yes Bank
Gautam Jaggi, Director of Technology Practice, o3 Capital
Rajesh Raju - Managing Director, Kaalari Capital (Moderator)

10.15am - 10.45am
Fireside Chat with
Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & CEO, Paytm
Interviewer - Raju Narisetti, Senior Vice President, Strategy, News Corp

10:45am - 11:15am
Tea & Networking

11:15am- 12:00pm
Panel 2: Getting the most out of investors, beyond their money
Investors possess not just capital, but a wealth of experience, expertise and network as well. How well are startups making use of them? Can investors, with their ability to offer strategic and tactical advice, help startups become capital efficient?

Tushar Ahluwalia - Founder, Stalkbuylove
Anuj Srivastava - Founder & CEO, Livspace
Gaurav Singh Kushwaha - Founder & CEO,
Alok Goel - Managing Director, SAIF Partners
Suresh Shanmugham - Managing Partner, Saama Capital
Ravi Gururaj - Chairman & Co-Founder, Frictionless Ventures (Moderator)

12:00pm - 12:45pm
Panel 3: Starting Up For A Cause: Can startups bring about social change?
Digital technology and innovation can change lives and bring about great socio-economic transformation. Who knows this better than startups who have disrupted traditional industries and placed people at the core of businesses? This panel brings together entrepreneurs who have built businesses that strike a balance between profits and social good. From promoting sustainable development to bringing accountability in governance processes and pushing for inclusion in a largely fragmented social landscape, these startups have walked the extra mile in making lives better. What drives them to commit to social good?

Roopa Ambekar - Founder, Managing Director, Uber Medspa & Style Lounge
Vandana Suri - Founder, Taxshe
Ramakrishna N K - Co-founder & CEO, Rang De & Habba
Saurabh Adeeb - Head of Operations & Partnerships, The/Nudge Foundation
Srivatsa Krishna - Secretary to Government of Karnataka, Chairman KUIDFC (Moderator)

12:45pm - 01:45pm
Lunch & Networking

01:45pm - 02:30pm
Panel 4: Women Entrepreneurship and Startups: Will women lead the next set of unicorns?
How synonymous have women and startups been? While mature industries in India have seen significant contributions from women, how has the startup ecosystem embraced women entrepreneurs? How open are startups in accepting them? Can we envision an ecosystem where the next set of Indian unicorns arrive under the leadership of women?

Durga Raghunath - Co-founder & CEO, Juggernaut
Anu Sridharan - Co-founder & CEO, NextDrop
Zoya Brar - Founder & Managing Director, CORE Diagnostics
Raju Narisetti - Senior Vice President, Strategy, News Corp (Moderator)

02:30pm - 03:00pm
Keynote Address: Perspectives on Growth by Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-founder Infosys, Chairman Axilor Ventures, Chairman CII Council on Start-ups

03:00pm - 03:45pm
Panel 5: The art and science of customer acquisition and retention
There is a limit to burning cash to earn customers. In any case, that option is almost non-existent now. What are the smart practices to win and retain customers? The larger question is: what level of burn rate can a startup afford?

Amit Kumar Agarwal - Founder & CEO,
Vishal Anand, Chief Product Officer, Dailyhunt
Amarendra Sahu - Co-founder & CEO, Nestaway
Karthik Sathuragiri Director, Emerging Businesses - APJ, Akamai Technologies
Rahul Zutshi - General Manager & Head of Corporate Strategy, Ameyo Emerge
Karthik Reddy - Co-founder & Managing Director, Blume Ventures (Moderator)

03:00pm - 03:45pm (Parallel Session)
Digital Banking: A catalyst for the burgeoning startup ecosystem powered by Yes Bank

Sumit Gupta - Group President & Country Head Retail Banking Assets Group - Yes Bank
Rinki Dhingra - Sr. President & Country Head Multinational Corporate Banking - Yes Bank
Amit Pansare - Executive Vice President, Transaction Banking Group - Yes Bank

To register for this session, write back at

03.45pm - 04.00pm
Tea & Networking

03:45pm - 04:15pm
Meet Up Session (Parallel Session)
If you feel you’ve captured your business idea well, got the basics right, have the founding team in place and are now ready to bounce off your startup idea with prospective investors, do write to us along with a wish list of investors you would like to pitch to. If selected, you will be invited to showcase your business idea to a clutch of investors in person.

Manishh Anand - Founder & Chairman, Utilis Capital
Srikanth Sundararajan - Venture Partner, Helion Advisors
Keshav Baljee - Member, Mumbai Angels
Hari Krishnan - Fund Manager, Astarc Ventures
P S Sreekanth - Director, Hyderabad Angels

04.00pm - 04.20pm
Special Address: Digital India: New opportunities for startups to conserve & grow by Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners

04.20pm - 05.00pm
Panel 6: Nurturing talent in a constrained environment
As startups brace for the challenging future by cutting costs and reducing their footprint, professionals and employees working with these companies are faced with uncertainty. With startups consolidating and rationalizing, do we see these ventures going the extra mile in devising a policy framework to nurture and retain talent in tough times? How can startups hire the best talent in spite of funding constraints and retain it for the longer run?

Vinay Mishra - Co-founder, Homeveda
Ajay Nair - CAO,
Amiya Pathak, Director- Product Management, Twitter
Girish Paranjpe - Partner & Chairman, Exfinity Fund (Moderator)

05.00pm - 05.30pm
Techcircle Showcase
It is a curated platform for innovative startups to make an elevator pitch to a select jury of angel investors, venture capitalists and fellow entrepreneurs. This is also a platform of choice for early stage, pre-revenue startups for attracting investor attention.

Bharati Jacob, Founder- Partner, Seedfund
Suresh Shanmugham, Managing Partner, Saama Capital
Siddhartha Das, General Partner, Ventureast

05.30pm - 05.40pm
Closing remarks

05.40pm onwards
Techcircle Unwind
Stand up act by Angad Singh Ranyal, Comedian/ Writer/ Actor

Ajay Nair Ajay Nair CAO, | @Housing
Alok Goel Alok Goel Managing Director, SAIF Partners
Amarendra Sahu Amarendra Sahu Co-founder & CEO, Nestaway
Amit Kumar Agarwal Amit Kumar Agarwal Founder & CEO,
Amiya Pathak Amiya Pathak Director- Product Management, Twitter
Anu Sridharan Anu Sridharan Co-founder & CEO, NextDrop | @nextdrop
Anuj Srivastava Anuj Srivastava Founder & CEO, Livspace | @livspace
Byju Raveendran Byju Raveendran Founder, Byju’s @ByjusClasses
Durga Raghunath Durga Raghunath Co-founder and CEO, Juggernaut
Gaurav Singh Kushwaha Gaurav Singh Kushwaha Founder & CEO, | @bluestone_com
Gautam Jaggi Gautam Jaggi Director of Technology Practice, o3 Capital | @o3capital
Girish Paranjpe Girish Paranjpe Partner and Chairman, Exfinity Venture Partners | @ExfinityVP
Karthik Reddy Karthik Reddy Co-founder & Managing Director, Blume ventures | @BlumeVentures
Karthik Sathuragiri Karthik Sathuragiri Director, Emerging Businesses - APJ, Akamai Technologies
Kris Gopalakrishnan Kris Gopalakrishnan Co-founder Infosys, Chairman Axilor Ventures, Chairman CII Council on Start-ups
Meena Ganesh Meena Ganesh Co-Founder, MD & CEO, Portea Medical & Partner - GrowthStory
Rahul Zutshi Rahul Zutshi General Manager & Head of Corporate Strategy, Ameyo Emerge
Rajesh Raju Rajesh Raju Managing Director, Kalaari Capital
Raju Narisetti Raju Narisetti Senior Vice President, Strategy, News Corp
Ramakrishna NK Ramakrishna NK Co-founder & CEO, Rang De and Habba
Ravi Gururaj Ravi Gururaj Chairman & Co-founder, Frictionless Ventures
Roopa Ambekar Roopa Ambekar Founder, Managing Director, Uber Medspa & Style Lounge
Sanjay Swamy Sanjay Swamy Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners
Saurabh Adeeb Saurabh Adeeb Head of Operations & Partnerships, The/Nudge Foundation
Srivatsa Krishna Srivatsa Krishna Secretary to Government of Karnataka, Chairman KUIDFC
Sudhir Sethi Sudhir Sethi Founder Chairman & MD, IDG Ventures India
Sumit Gupta Sumit Gupta Group President & Country Head - Retail Banking Assets Group, YES BANK | @YESBANK
Suresh Shanmugham Suresh Shanmugham Managing Partner, Saama Capital
Tushar Ahluwalia Tushar Ahluwalia Co Founder & CEO, StalkBuyLove | @StalkBuyLove
Vandana Suri Vandana Suri Founder, Taxshe
Vijay Shekhar Sharma Vijay Shekhar Sharma Founder & CEO, Paytm
Vinay Mishra Vinay Mishra Co-founder, | @homeveda
Vishal Anand Vishal Anand Chief Product Officer, Dailyhunt
Zoya Brar Zoya Brar Founder & Managing Director, CORE Diagnostics | @CoreDiagnostics

Date : 28th April
Address : Park Plaza Bengaluru Hotel
90-4 Marathahalli/Outer Ring Road
Bangalore  Karnataka  560037  India 

YES BANK Limited

YES BANK, India’s fifth largest private sector Bank with a pan India presence across all 29 states and 7 Union Territories of India, headquartered in the Lower Parel Innovation District (LPID) of Mumbai, is the outcome of the professional & entrepreneurial commitment of its Founder Rana Kapoor and its top management team, to establish a high quality, customer centric, service driven, private Indian Bank catering to the future businesses of India. YES BANK has adopted international best practices, the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence, and offers comprehensive banking and financial solutions to all its valued customers.

 YES BANK has a knowledge driven approach to banking, and offers a superior customer experience for its retail, corporate and emerging corporate banking clients. YES BANK is steadily evolving as the Professionals’ Bank of India with the long term mission of “Building the Finest Quality Large Bank of th


As the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Akamai makes the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers. The company's advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security and media delivery solutions are revolutionizing how businesses optimize consumer, enterprise and entertainment experiences for any device, anywhere. To learn how Akamai solutions and its team of Internet experts are helping businesses move faster forward, please visit or, and follow @Akamai on Twitter

o3 Capital

o3 Capital is a mid-market investment bank, providing financial and strategic advice to clients. The company is built on two core businesses – Corporate Finance and Alternate Asset Management.

o3 Capital serves a wide range of clients including cutting-edge start-ups, established market leaders, private equity houses and large global corporate entities, across select verticals - Consumer, Healthcare, Industrials, Financial services, Technology and Digital. o3 Capital has successfully consummated 110+transactions in the last 9 years aggregating to over USD 4.5 bn in transaction value.

Ameyo Emerge

Ameyo Emerge is a Cloud based Contact Center platform that helps you integrate seamlessly across channels including Voice, Mobile, Social, Chat, Email and SMS. Our solution provides transformational insights into contact center operations and helps you deliver more personalized experiences. No hardware or coding required. Easy to deploy, Easy to Use and Easy to Manage. It is already helping the next generation disruptive businesses start and scale-up with ease.

Advaitha ventures

Advaitha Ventures Private Limited was established in the year 2006 with a vision to create, build, and deliver superior quality upscale modern residences and commercial work spaces on time. Our properties are built with utmost transparency, around a holistic philosophy and work ethic based on Aptitude, Attitude and Acumen. Advaitha Ventures has built up a sizeable land bank in Bangalore, Mysore and Coorg.

We are now well set to offer environmental friendly residential and commercial structures in India’s Silicon Valley. Advaitha Aksha, our first premier project is poised to set new standards for design, development and delivery in Bangalore’s burgeoning real estate space.

Spread over 3.5 acres, Advaitha Aksha comprises 4 blocks of ground plus 12 storey towers with just 170, 3 & 4-bedroom ultra-luxury curated living spaces, ranging from 1948 sq. ft. to 3458 sq. ft. The contempor
....More is a curated experience provider which firmly believes in creating memories and moments that one would cherish for a lifetime. Giftxoxo is a curated marketplace of unique Experiences in India. Incepted in 2012, introduced an innovative concept of offering Experiences in India and as of today has the largest collection of such extraordinary Experiences spreading across 6 categories - Adventure, Gourmet, Health & Wellness, Tours& Getaways, Arts & Learning and Philanthropy. Some examples are a Microlight plane flying, a Bollywood film tour, a Horse riding session, Yacht dining, Pottery class and more.

Each of the 2000+ Experiences is hand-picked from the best and most trusted brands. Curation of experiences is done very meticulously with lot of background research and analysis. Various factors like place prominence, people perception, safety, uniqueness, exclusivity, value for money etc. are taken into consideration while creating Experie


C-Zentrix is the leading customer engagement platform in the world also rated by Gartner. C-Zentrix was built with a vision of creating next-generation, simplified call center technology solution and offering customer engagement center to enable better communication and 360°-experience for the end-customer. C-Zentrix's single box solution is unique one box customer engagement solution in the world for over 180 concurrent agents. C-Zentrix aims to help organizations across industry verticals to set up and manage their personalized customer engagement center hassle free at low cost and high efficiency. C-Zentrix solution is also available over the cloud with the entire gamut of offerings to facilitate startups and SMB’s. C-Zentrix has presence across 5 continents with special focus on emerging markets, and is proud of serving many top enterprises of India.

Capital Numbers

Capital Numbers offer Web, Mobile and Digital Marketing Solutions to StartUps, Small Businesses and to those companies that prefer to either keep their technical team small or, sub-contract any overflow work they cannot handle in-house. Companies looking to outsource often make a costly mistake by hiring freelancers which is bit of a hit-and-miss or, working with large consultancies which often do not deliver enough value. At Capital Numbers, we engage dedicated small, smart teams for our clients who help them focus more on their business objectives rather than worry about technical stuff. For all intents and purposes we function as your extended team working from our development center in India.

Using our services, clients enjoy the Cost benefits and Flexibility of hiring through online portals such as Odesk or, Elance and Quality, Reliability and Privacy of working with established consultancies. Capital Numbers started operating in June 2012 with an initial team of 2 pe


KBITS is the nodal agency of the Department of IT and BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka and the single point contact for Investors in IT, BT and AVGC Sectors. KBITS is the Nodal agency for the State High Level Clearance Committee and State Level Single Window Clearance Committee to undertake investment promotional activities and render necessary guidance and assistance to entrepreneurs to set up IT related industries in the State. Its mandate is to be the One Stop Shop for all facilitation for new and existing investments in the State for clearance of these Projects.

Department of IT and BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka has been working earnestly for the Technological and entrepreneurial progress of the State.  It has Brought out very Academic friendly, Industry friendly and Growth & Development oriented Policies all along Pro Industry Policies ensured enormous development of IT Industries, BT Research and Developments and other fields. So much so, Ba


Razorpay is an online payment gateway, backed by Y Combinator, Tiger Global, Matrix Partners, and also seed funded by Ram Shriram, Justin Kan, founders of Inmobi and Snapdeal, Flipkart CPO to name a few. Razorpay allows merchants to accepts payment online via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and popular wallets from the end customers in real-time with a key focus on better success rates. Started in early 2015 by IIT Roorkee graduates, Razorpay is today India's fastest growing payment gateway. The USP of Razorpay in the gateway business is its simple yet robust platform which is not just customer friendly but also very technically savvy. The integration APIs provided by Razorpay are some of the most advanced ones in India and hence provide ease of integration and flexibility to its merchants. Razorpay’s product is specifically designed for Indian online payment ecosystem and is hence optimised for working at low internet speeds while still maintaining high success ratio


Intralinks provides a leading secure enterprise collaboration and corporate file sharing solution that is trusted by 99% of the Fortune 1000. Intralinks simplifies cross enterprise document sharing by enabling users to easily share documents with anyone, anywhere while maintaining complete control over who can view, edit, print and download. Intralinks’ business file sharing tools even let users unshare documents after they have been downloaded to a remote device or personal computer. Intralinks offers a virtual data room solution that makes due diligence and post merger integration easier by allowing organizations, partners, counterparties and regulators to share and access documents quickly and efficiently without worrying about leaks or hacks. Intralinks’ deal management software accelerates the deal lifecycle by simplifying deal sourcing and marketing. And Intralinks’ document rights management so

WeP solution

WeP is Pioneer of Managed Print Services in India with business starting from the year 2002. We are the first company to provide solutions and services for Print Fleet management and set organization free from the hassle of managing printers to focus better on their core business.

Focuses on providing complete management of printing, copying and scanning of the documents for an organizations. It includes assessment and understanding of the printing environment of the customer and manages the upkeep of printers, consumables and spares as and when required.

PAY ONLY PER PRINT AND GET THE REST FREE – Toner and cartridges, Annual Maintenance, Software Analysis, Pan India Support, Stand by Machines, Spares, Minimum response Time and Emergency Repairs.

Antal International India Pvt Ltd

As prominent player in the global search and selection industry, Antal works with professional and managerial talent worldwide, helping businesses all around the world to find the talent that they need in order to drive their growth, profits and long-term success.

Today, 23 years since its inception, Antal has 1000 experts from more than 120 offices, spanning over 30 countries across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and most recently Americas.  Over the past 23 years, Antal has worked with over 1,000’s of clients making over 15,000 placements.

Our India business started in the year 2007, and now we have 44 offices in 14 cities. Antal India today has 100+ consultants working across offices in India having filled more than 3000 vacancies at the mid – senior level.  Over the years, Antal India has become one of the largest Antal Networks across the globe, with offices specialising in various industries like FMCG/CD, Ecommerce, IT, Pharma, Auto

TLabs Incubation Partner

TLabs is the leading technology accelerator in India that operates a 4 month program, twice a year, with 60+ mentors supporting the companies that become part of it. With 6 Batches and 36 companies, TLabs has seen a tremendous success rate with over 65% of the companies getting funded raising over $200k investments per team. Startups that go through the program get intensive mentoring from in-house and external mentors to shape ideas into viable businesses.

NSRCEL Incubation Partner

NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) is the startup incubator and entrepreneurship centre at IIM Bangalore. It promotes entrepreneurship through academic research as well as practical ecosystem developmental activities. As one of the earliest and most successful incubators in India that supports early stage enterprises, NSRCEL helps entrepreneurs create successful business entities out of ideas. The incubator is open to all entrepreneurs and it supports ventures across all sectors. Apart from access to high quality infrastructure, academic environment, and workspace in the sylvan campus of IIMB, incubated ventures have access to a vibrant community that comprises of other entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and corporate managers. The centre also runs a number of initiatives such as pro bono workshops, boot camps, bar camps and fortnightly mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

On the academic side, NSRCEL pursues resea

Indian Angel Network Angel Partner
Indian Angel Network

Indian Angel Network, India's first and largest angel network, brings together successful entrepreneurs and CEOs who share a passion to enable more early stage businesses to create scale and value. By focusing on startups, the Network addresses the current acute lack of funds available to early stage companies. The Network believes that early stage businesses require more than just money to succeed. They require close mentoring and inputs on strategy as well as execution.

Indian Angel Network currently has over 300 members drawn from across the country and some from overseas, comprising the who's who of successful Indian entrepreneurs and CEOs from diverse sectors (information on The Network has met with early success and has already invested in 100 portfolio companies including investee and incubatee companies. IAN has become the hub for innovative ventures founded by high quality entrepreneurs seeking mentoring an

The Chennai Angels Angel Partner
The Chennai Angels

The Chennai Angels (TCA, is one of India’s most active angel investing groups. Founded in the year 2007, it is comprised of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders with a track record of starting and scaling large enterprises. Additionally, several seed and venture capital firms hold institutional membership in the group. Though it is located in Chennai, TCA’s investing members and portfolio investments are not limited by geography. Unusually for an angel investing group, TCA has a diversified portfolio that goes well beyond a restrictive tech focus, reflecting the diversity of its members’ interests. TCA portfolio companies benefit from the collective expertise and rolodex of its members.

For more information:

Hyderabad Angels Angel Partner
Hyderabad Angels

Hyderabad Angels (HA) invests between USD 250K to USD 1M in promising Indian start-ups and early stage companies. We are sector agnostic and invest in asset light and scalable businesses. HA members are leading venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and business leaders who with their financial strength and business acumen are committed to providing support to  the rapidly growing Indian start-up ecosystem.

TiE Kerala Industry Partner
TiE Kerala

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) is the largest not-for-profit global organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship. TiE helps budding entrepreneurs by way of advice, guidance and assistance through successful and experienced professionals and entrepreneurs from different industries. Its greatest strength is its network of 61 chapters across 17 countries that consist of many participants in the global ecosystem - successful & experienced as well as budding entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, angel investors, service providers, etc. TiE makes continuous efforts to interconnect this network in a way that allows us to deliver real value to all our constituents.

TiE Kerala Chapter was registered in March 12, 2003 with ten Charter Members.  Within a short span of 9 years, the chapter grew to its present strength of 47 Charter members and 700+ Members who are CEOs of SMEs/Pro

TiE Chennai Industry Partner
TiE Chennai

With over 150 Charter members and 500 Associate members, TiE Chennai is actively focused on inspiring, educating and mentoring entrepreneurs in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. TiE Chennai holds regular events on its own, and through partnerships, where Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, SMEs, VCs, Govt. bodies, educational institutions come together and deliver programs on success stories, business opportunities, building enterprises, raising capital, networking, etc.

TiE Chennai partners with organisations such as, MMA, LIBA, Great Lakes Institute of Management, NEN, IIT and Microsoft Bizspark, to conduct special events for entrepreneurs. They also organise Monthly Feature Events – These events feature guest speakers and/ or panels on a variety of emerging business and technology topics and domains, open to Charter Members, Associate Members and guests. TiE Chennai also has a Start-up SIG and a Technology SIG, to cater to the special interests of the members.

TiE Coimbatore Industry Partner
TiE Coimbatore

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), was found in 1992 in Silicon Valley, USA by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. There are currently around 11000 members including over 2,500 charter members in 61 chapters across 18 countries. TiE’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking and education.

TiE Coimbatore is part of the Global network of TiE Chapters.

Coimbatore, along with neighboring areas is the hub of SMEs in South India. It was to reach out to the entrepreneurial community and potential entrepreneurs in the region that TiE Coimbatore was launched on 22nd November 2010. The Chapter was founded by leading industrialists across sectors and aims at supporting entrepreneurs in the region to become global leaders and nurturing an innovative entrepreneurial eco system in the region. The Chapter is the second one in Tamilnadu after TiE Chennai. For mo

Lead Angels Industry partner
Lead Angels

Lead Angels is a pan-India sector agnostic Angel Network, started by a team of three originally from IIT Bombay to bridge the gap of financial assistance provision to deserving start up ventures. Lead Angels is India's first professionally managed Angel network in India, with defined work processes and a primary focus to invest time and capital in people who are aligned with shared goals and values. Having invested in over 20 companies in the past three years with a portfolio boasting of over a 90% survival rate, multiple learnings and trends about the Indian Start-up ecosystem have come to the surface and Lead Angels plans to continue investing in diverse, exciting opportunities.

Mumbai Angels Industry partner
Mumbai Angels

Mumbai Angels, started in 2006 is the first premium Angel network in India. The Mumbai Angels provides a unique platform to start up and very early stage companies by bringing them face to face with successful entrepreneurs, professionals and executives who are interested in and have the funds available to invest in start-up companies. Many members of Mumbai Angels have prior Silicon Valley experience. In addition to the capital of its members, the Mumbai Angels provides access to high quality mentoring, vast networks in India and abroad and inputs on strategy as well as execution.

Mumbai Angels provides its portfolio companies with a level of assistance that surpasses their highest expectations. Mumbai Angels network of relationships and their ability to leverage those relationships on behalf of their portfolio companies is unparalleled. Mumbai Angles members and their organisations have come to represent the ideal business partner for entrepreneurs who wish to start and

LetsVenture Industry partner

LetsVenture is India's first and largest startup-investor platform. Founded in late 2013, LetsVenture is the most trusted marketplace for startups to create their investment ready profile, and connect to global, accredited investors for fundraising. Today 6500+ startups, 1200+ angel investors, and 200+ institutional investors from 21 countries are interacting on the platform. 57 startups have closed rounds on LetsVenture with $17M in total commits. Led by a strong team, with some of the best marque angel investors as advisors to the company, LetsVenture is an Accel funded startup, based in Bangalore.

Startup Grind Startup Outreach Partner
Startup Grind

Startup Grind is a global startup community educating, inspiring, and connecting entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in more than 150 cities and 65 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Our monthly fireside chat interviews, startup mixers and annual conferences provide ample opportunities to connect with amazing startups and the people behind them, tap into a strong support network, form meaningful connections and gain inspiration for the startup journey ahead. For more information visit or follow us on twitter @StartupGrind.

IvyCamp Startup Outreach Partner

IvyCamp, an initiative of IvyCap Ventures, a leading Ventures Capital Fund in India, is India’s first unified platform for innovation and entrepreneurship leveraging the Global Alumni Networks (including IITs, IIMs, BITs and ISB) across our educational institutions to connect and create value for entrepreneurs and innovators. We aim to become the largest such platform in India and globally for cultivating, growing, and supporting entrepreneurship and innovation to shape our economy and growth. We not only support entrepreneurs but actually help to build new entrepreneurs, and enable innovators to transform their innovative ideas into real value. We do this a number of ways including:

   •  Unique Mentorship Program linking promoters with alumni to engage on solving specific business, technical, and other issues the venture is dealing with
   •  Entrepreneur and Alumni Engagement sessions to interact w

RevvX Hardware Accelerator Startup Outreach Partner
RevvX Hardware Accelerator

Start-ups avail of RevvX ( Formerly Co-Labs) pool of Expert support to Quickly and cheaply test/learn/iterate, Hit the sweet spot in Product Market fit and launch their ventures on a growth trajectory of rapid scale.

Design - Revvx has partnered with Design Labs in US, Europe and Asia who help take ideas through rapid prototyping.
Manufacture: Our PCB Manufacturing Fab Labs in India,China and Taiwan help build the Prototypes.
Capital Raise: We help startups raise capital through Angel and crowdfunds.
Sourcing: Revvx has offices in Shenzhen and Taipei to facilitate the Component Sourcing, Manufacture, Assembly, Testing, Packaging and Logistics.
Distribution: RevvX has partnered with Distribution channels both online and offline to promote the Sales of finished products to Consumers as well as Enterprises.
Marketing: Revvx shall help showcase Startups in various forms, demo Days, Events, Media from TV,Radio,Print to Digital.


TradeBriefs Online Media Partner

TradeBriefs produces 14 daily e-newsletters that go out to an opt-in audience of 1 million subscribers in corporate India. This includes over 100,000 in top management at various companies. We have the attention of these CXOs due to our content and we use that to help generate high-quality leads for businesses. We do so for IBM, Gartner, SAP, The Economist, Godrej and hundreds of other clients.

Standard Fees:
INR 6000 + Service tax (14.5%) per attendee

There are two ways to register:
1) Online registration: Click Here
2) Offline registration through cheque/DD
Download offline registration form: Click Here

Cheque/DD to be made in favor of:
"Mosaic Media Ventures Pvt Ltd" payable in New Delhi to:
Mosaic Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
A-83, Ground Floor, Sector -2, Noida - 201301
Ph : +91 120-4171111

Please attach a note with details of the cheque.
Name of the delegate(s), Organization, Designation, Address, Contact No., E-mail ID

You can also directly deposit cash, submit cheque or transfer online to our ICICI Bank a/c:
Account name: Mosaic Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
Account no: 629705014337
Branch Name: Mayur Vihar - Phase 1
IFSC Code: ICIC0006297

For Any Queries:
Write to
*The registration fee does not include any travel, accommodations or other costs incurred by attendees.

Cancellation Policy:
There is no cash refund in case you cancel the registration from your end. We will issue a credit note for an equivalent amount which you can adjust/utilise against any of our future events (under the validity period) if the registration is cancelled at least 3 days before the event, post which NO credit note will be issued. Please talk to Kanika / Shikhil for further details.

If the event is cancelled from our end due to any circumstances, we will refund the registration amount.

Substitution Policy:
Substitutions within a company are permitted through the conference date. Shared registrations are not permitted under any circumstances.