TiE Delhi-NCR

  • TiE Delhi-NCR

    The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)
    TiE is recognized as a global organization fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking and education. The purpose of TiE is to encourage and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and add to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation spurring development and economic growth of the world.

     Founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals with roots in Indus region, TiE is a unique platform which brings all the stake holders - Entrepreneurs, Academia, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Banks, Incubators and corporate together and makes them accessible to entrepreneurs.
    There are currently over 16,000 members including over 2,500 charter members in 61 chapters across 17 countries.

    TiE Delhi - NCR
    TiE Delhi - NCR is among the largest and most vibrant chapter across the vast TiE network. In the last 15 years, it has continuously taken the lead and hopes to build on its strength to create an increasingly positive ecosystem for the entrepreneurs and investors.  With a strong mentor support base, various events throughout the year covering various aspects of entrepreneurship, expanding into new geographies and business & organization management and multiple opportunities to showcase and network, it has emerged as a forum of choice for start-ups, serial entrepreneurs, VC & Angel investors, policy makers and academia.

    TiE Delhi-NCR Awards
       •  TiE Global Award for “Best TiE Chapter Globally“ -2012-13
       •  TiE Global Award for “Best TiE Chapter Globally” -2011-12
       •  TiE Global Award for “Best TiE Chapter Globally” - 2010-11
       •  World SME Conference “Excellence Award for Exemplary Work in Building Entrepreneurial    Ecosystem for Small Businesses” - 2009-10
       •  Successful Collaboration with Other Chapters & Other Entities” - 2009-10
       •  Continuing Growth, Innovation and Consistent Performance” - 2008-09
       •  Chapter Performing Consistently at the Highest Level” - 2007-08

    Senior Entrepreneurs
       •  Assist in wealth creation through knowledge sharing & mentoring
       •  Stay in touch with youth, talent and new ideas
       •  Create Investment opportunities

    Aspiring Entrepreneurs
       •  Get assistance in writing a business plan
       •  Create a team to start-off from the vast community of Entrepreneurs
       •  Network with senior entrepreneurs to learn the ropes
       •  Evaluate ideas and get valuable tips
       •  Create a support structure and grow in your venture

    Early - Stage Entrepreneurs
       •  Network with senior entrepreneurs
       •  Get Mentored - Learn from experiences of senior entrepreneurs
       •  Connect with Investors/ incubators
       •  Find showcase opportunities
       •  Have access to the global entrepreneurial community
       •  Get access and assistance to move to the next level

    Investors / incubators
       •  Connect to the pool of start- ups
       •  Business evaluation opportunities
       •  Mentoring opportunities to start-ups looking for funding
       •  Platform for interacting visionary founders
       •  Access to start-up’s ideation