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    Over 125 Industry Members and over 11000 patrons in the Region.
     TiE Punjab & Chandigarh strives to foster, nurture and enable the spirit of entrepreneurship and to create, build and sustain the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. As a part of its endeavours, TiE Punjab & Chandigarh has undertaken several initiatives in this direction.

    At Chandigarh Chapter we average 4-5 events a month build around mentoring and nurturing Start-ups/Idea stage talent
    “My Story” Sessions: TiE Chandigarh conducts My Story sessions where an entrepreneur shares the path he took to success. These sessions are informative, informal and have relevance not only to entrepreneurs but also to students, as eminent personalities relate their personal experiences and their rendezvous with entrepreneurship.

    Mentoring: This is a framework of processes and tools within the TiE ecosystem, enabling experienced Charter Members to serve as role models, trusted counsellors/teachers, and imparters of knowledge and counsel to members to assist their professional development and growth.

    Support to student organizations: TiE believes that students are an integral part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, for they are the entrepreneurs of the future. As a result, TiE supports the Entrepreneurship Development Cells of institutes in the region both in terms of guidance as well as providing speakers for events. The EDCs supported by TiE Punjab & Chandigarh are

    CEO Forums: These are events featuring iconic speakers across disciplines and sectors.
    Special Interest Groups: These SIG’s help bring awareness about opportunities for entrepreneurs in Sectors like IT, Retail, Health Care, Education, Media, Manufacturing, Hospitality and many more.

    Newsletter: A quarterly monthly Newsletter on TiE Chandigarh Chapters activities & initiatives is carried out and circulated to its Members and patrons.