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    True North traces its origins back to 1999, when it was originally named India Value Fund. The company was founded with a view towards investing in mid-sized, profitable, India-centric businesses, and then transforming them into world-class industry leaders that is built upon the foundation of strong values.

    Deep knowledge and understanding of Indian markets has led True North to successfully launch five independent investment funds, with a combined corpus of ~US$ 2 billion. These funds have been raised from over 35 high quality international institutions with a combined investable capital base of over US$ 1 trillion. Currently, True North is investing out of Fund V, which has a corpus of US$ 700 million.

    Over the last two decades, True North has invested ~US$ 1.5 billion across 30+ businesses. It has successfully transformed many of these companies into large businesses that are valuable, enduring, and socially responsible, creating immense value for all stakeholders.

    Our team consists of a balanced mix of investment and business professionals, with deep investing and operating experience.

    True North truly values its relationships with investors, entrepreneurs and management teams. It is conscious of its fiduciary duty towards its investors while partnering with entrepreneurs to realize their visions, and with management teams to maximize their career potential.