Tushar Vashisht

  • Tushar Vashisht

    Co-founder & CEO, Healthify Me

    Tushar Vashisht is the Co-founder and CEO of HealthifyMe, India's leading digital fitness startup that has helped over 3 million Indians become healthier and fitter. Under his leadership, HealthifyMe has become a preferred Wellness partner for India's leading Corporates, HealthifyMe app has been chosen as Google Play’s “Best Apps of 2016”, and the Company has received more than $7 million in funding, Before HealthifyMe, Tushar worked in the Unique ID Authority (Aadhaar) with the Government of India for nearly two years. Tushar started his career as an investment banker on Wall Street and in the Bay Area before moving to Singapore with Deutsche Bank. He is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and a passionate musician by hobby.