Vandana Suri

  • Vandana Suri

    Founder, Taxshe

    Vandana Suri, Founder of TAXSHE - an organisation which aims at bringing in safety for women and kids through creation of professional women drivers, whether as chauffeurs, cabbies or trainers.

    An ex-investment banker by profession, she has taken the plunge into a totally new and male dominated territory and decided that change had to begin with her.  She started her Company becoming a driver herself, and through her deeds, inspired more women to join in.  She realized that the key to more women cabs was to develop the women driver model.

    She has now trained women from lower economic segments to become professional drivers, thereby giving them a new source of income and keep a whole lot of families safe in the bargain.  By catering to the needs of society - safety of women and children on one hand and the financial needs of working women on the other, she has achieved a simple yet unique balance through women empowerment.

    She envisions that this symbiotic respectful co-existence structured between the Demand & Supply will soon assume National & international  proportions - thereby making the world a harmonious place. She knows that this is no easy task to achieve, yet she is guided by the smiles she is able to generate each and every day.

    Each day she discovers a new avenue of demand for safety while commuting for women and kids & She is driven & determined to "Start up - And do something about it".