VCCircle Agri & Food Investment Summit 2015

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VCCircle Agri & Food Investment Summit 2015
Mapping Digital Innovations, Disruptive Business Models & Emerging Opportunities

When it comes to agri and food issues, there is a back-end India, with significant challenges and opportunities, and there is an emerging, exciting front-end India where the expectations and evolving tastes of consumers is revolutionizing how we view food.

A multitude of persistent macro challenges, such as climate change, water mismanagement, wastage, pricing imbalances and food scarcity make it even more vital India’s vast agri-business companies and entrepreneurs to actively pursue new breakthroughs with technologies, innovations, product development and quality.

When it comes to consumers, especially in major cities, changing demands and preferences have given rise to a vibrant ecosystem of “foodpreneurs,” who have leveraged digital, particularly mobile, platforms as well as strong inflow of new capital to build a food ecosystem that is rapidly blurring the lines between food retailing, packaged food, prepared food delivery, food services and surrounding food technology infrastructure.

Both to address India’s critical and growing needs as well as enable the front-end ecosystem to become more successful and thus attractive to more investors and end-users alike, there is a critical need now to identify the essential changes that need to happen behind the scenes, around food supply and storage, warehousing and logistics.

So what do better, stronger linkages with agri supply chain look like and what can they mean to the primary agri aggregators, vendors, food services chains and, ultimately, the end-consumer? How are new-age farm IT & analytics solutions helping accelerate development of farmers and other primary agri -businesses? Where is India in either embracing or resisting food patterns from the West? Will trendy but growing niches, such as professional cattle farms, microbreweries, cold-press juices, frozen desserts, confectionary & organic health-foods morph into viable businesses in the long-run? How food can related businesses become more streamlined & integrated?

These are the vital questions that will be asked and answered at the 7th edition of VCCircle Agri & Food Investment Summit 2015 on October 28 at Taj Lands End Mumbai, India’s pre-eminent gathering of entrepreneurs, industrialists, support services-providers, investors and “foodpreneurs.”

Come join us to discover compelling opportunities, hear from innovative businesses revolutionising the food & beverage industry and their linkages with modern-day supply chain channels, farmers and other agribusinesses. And, of course, the proven speciality of VCCircle gatherings—a cross-section of investors looking to support breakthrough ideas and opportunities.

The always sold-out summits bring together a diverse but carefully curated group of about 250 top, enterprising and emerging foodpreneurs, CEOs, investors and new -age food & beverage innovators, many of whom are disrupting  the large mainstream Indian Agri & Food sector.

8:30 am - 9:30 am
Tea, Networking & Registration

9:30 am - 9:45 am
Introductory Note

9:45 am - 10:15am
Keynote Address: “India's changing consumption basket: Are Indian agro and food businesses ready?"
By Ireena Vittal

10:15 am - 11:05am
Panel I: Back to The Beginning: On Mapping Digital Innovations at the Farm Input Level
The agri and food business is not immune to digital innovations & technology boosting growth, turning around processes and helping key stakeholders adopt a more consumer-centric approach. But to serve the still and rapidly evolving unmet needs of India’s end-consumer, what disruptive actions are underway in the agri & food ecosystem? How are innovations at the farm level helping boost output and, in turn, fuelling more efficient back-end & front-end linkages? With a majority of new investment in the business of agriculture coming from the private sector, how can systematic and sustainable investment in agri-technology and infrastructure enhance the fortunes of Indian agriculture? Meanwhile, with the current government pledging more capital for development of irrigation and farming technology, how are entrepreneurs and investors leveraging such inputs? What is the groundwork required to make technology adoption more feasible and affordable at the farm level?  What are the emerging tech innovations that can be a game-changer for agriculture and also help the government streamline its own spending to foster more private sector participation? How is precision farming, micro/drift irrigation, applied farm- analytics, including around weather, drive input & productivity decisions, adoption of ICT increase farm-level productivity?

Krishna Kumar - Founder & CEO, CropIn Technology Solutions
Adwitiya Mal - Co Founder & COO, EM3 Agriservices Pvt Ltd
Karthic Ravindranath - Director, Surya PowerMagic
VT Bharadwaj - MD, Sequoia Capital India
Girish Nadkarni - Partner, IDFC Alternatives (Moderator)

11:05 am - 11:30 am
Tea & Networking

11:30 am - 12:20 pm
Panel II:  Innovations in Supply Chain & Cold Storage: From Farm to the Dining Table
Smart supply-chain management at harvesting can better ensure that produce reaches India’s consumers without degradation of quality and wastage. More innovation in logistics and supply-chains remains essential, especially for fresh produce with short shelf-life in an increasingly consumerist India. What role does plastic silos play in this logistical ecosystem? How can secondary distribution (intra-city) hurdles be overcome in a cost-effective manner? Who are the innovators linking primary (inter-city) and secondary distribution networks in an efficient manner? What are emerging trends in vital cold storage logistics as it continues to struggle to mature into a reliable ecosystem? How can smarter back-end efficiencies benefit front-end operators in online grocery, retail, beverages and the dramatically expanding food delivery and services space?

P Vijayaraghvan - Director & CEO, LEAF
Arvind Gangoly - CEO, Schedulers Logistics India
Hitin Suri - Joint MD, Suri Agro Fresh
Rajat Gupta - Founder CEO, Tessol
Anil Chaudhary - MD & CEO, NHBC
Kushal Agarwal - CFO, Aspada Investment Advisors (Moderator)

12:20 pm - 1:30 pm
Lunch & Networking

1:30pm - 2:20pm
Panel III: Mapping emerging business opportunities in New Foods
- The Thirsty Indian and You: The rise of microbreweries, cold-press juices & other healthy-for-you beverages: The demand for such beverage niches has increased dramatically. How can entrepreneurs and investors tap into this phenomena? Is there a scale opportunity for India’s trendy microbreweries and what can hold it back? What are the emerging intersections of taste and health?
- India’s Sweet (and Savoury) Tooth: The transformation of bakery & confectionary foods, frozen desserts and branded sweets:
What’s the missing link in achieving the local quality vs scale balance? What role can technology and branding play? How is retail and the café culture playing into expanding the business opportunities? Is there a healthy business opportunity around children and sweets?
- The Mobile Snacker: The on-the-go snack boom: India has always thrown up opportunities for biscuits and potato-based snacks. But with tastes and health concerns evolving, what are the emerging challenges and opportunities in this huge sector?

Anuj Rakyan - MD, Raw Pressery
Gregory Kroitzsh - Founder & MD, The Barking Deer Brewpub
Dev Lall - MD, Bakers Circle
Raghav Verma - Co-founder, Chaayos
Pawan Raj Kumar - Founder, Supa Star Foods
Aditya Bagri - Director, Bagrrys India Ltd
Deepak Shahdadpuri - Founder & MD, DSG Consumer Partners (Moderator)

2:20pm - 3:10pm
Panel IV: Mapping new opportunities in mainstream Food businesses
- Cattle Farms: Modern cattle farms still don’t seem to be a priority for many investors, despite seemingly huge potential and a trickle of investments. What is happening in cattle farming? What role is technology playing?
- Poultry: A contentious issue remains whether poultry should be raised on hormones and antibiotics or fed naturally? Is there a middle-ground? Should there be one? What are the latest innovations in this huge and vibrant space?
- Dairy: A brand-led evolution in tastes and uses has seen India’s dairy sector surge with sizeable opportunities for the taking.
Learn what lies ahead in the dairy sector from those who have been on this journey. Can successful dairy entrepreneurs leverage their expertise and resources into adjacent spaces?

Murali Krishnan - CEO, The Nilgiri Dairy Farm
Ashish Mantri - MD, Abhay Cotex
Dr GNS Reddy - MD, Akshaykalpa Farms and Foods
Vigyan Gadodia - MD & CEO, Sahaj Agro Farms
Senthil Natarajan - MD, Kovai Pazhamudir Nilayam
Rakesh Sony - Director, Black River Food Fund (Moderator)

3:10 pm - 3:40 pm
Tea & Networking

3:40pm - 4:30pm
Panel V: How ready is India for An Organic Food Revolution?
Should organic foods still be restricted to rice, grains and pulses or be expanded? What benefits will Indian producers and consumers really get from a more sustained push toward organic food? What does data say about whether the organic food revolution that is sweeping the West is starting to take hold in India? A rapid-fire Insights discussion on organic and responsible farming and India’s opportunity in organic products and ingredients.

Vijaya Pastala - Founder & CEO, Under The Mango tree
Ashmeet Kapoor - Founder & CEO, I Say Organic
Gajjender Yadav - Co-founder, 4S Foods
Arvind Godara - MD, Natureland Organic Foods
Salil Gupta - CEO, Khyati Foods Pvt Ltd
Hemendra Mathur - MD, SEAF India Investment Advisors (Moderator)

4:30 pm - 5:20 pm
Panel VI: Mapping Technology Centred Food Models - Food-Tech to the Forefront
We try and understand emerging trends in how food-tech can drive more demand and open up new business and investment opportunities. How to balance ease and convenience with logistical and technological challenges around execution? How does the SaaS model fit into food-tech management at the restaurant end? Is promotion-based, cash-burn intense customer acquisition model driving loyalty? What are the new, sticky engagement and longer-term consumer loyalty enhancing models?
- The Must Have Now Foodie Emerges: An in-depth analysis of food ordering platforms, ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat & made-to-order food delivery models to hyper local food delivery services. Who is winning and how to get to profitability?
- QSR: From traditional Out Of Home eating to new culinary experiences being brought to Indian consumers
- The Chef as the Curator: From the few celebrity chefs to the many taste-makers, the role of behind-the-scene chefs has evolved quickly into front-end innovators in emerging business models. With global chains coming in and unorganised players pushing into organised F&B space, how can businesses leverage traditional chef skills? What insights do more evolved food markets, such as New York or London, can offer to India? What ideas can India export? What does innovation look like and the role of Master Chefs in the industry?

Prasoon Gupta - Founder & Director, Sattviko
Chirag Arya - Founder,
Pradeep Gidwani - Coach & Founder, The Pint Room
A Mahendran - CMD, Global Beverages & Foods
Jinesh Shah - Partner, Omnivore Partners
Sagar Daryani - Co-founder & CEO, Wow! Momo
Rajesh Srivastava - CMD, Rabo Equity Advisors Pvt Ltd (Moderator)

5:20pm - 5:50pm
VCCircle Showcase:
A curated platform for select companies in Agri & Food sector to showcase their innovative services and products.

5:50pm onwards
VCCircle Unwind
This session will provide more networking time to entrepreneurs and investors over cocktails.

Aditya Bagri Aditya Bagri Director, Bagrrys India Ltd
Adwitiya Mal Adwitiya Mal Co Founder & COO, EM3 Agriservices Pvt Ltd
Anil K Choudhary Anil K Choudhary MD & CEO, National Bulk Handling Corporation Pvt. Ltd
Anuj Rakyan Anuj Rakyan MD, Raw Pressery | @RawPressery
A Mahendran A Mahendran CMD, Global Beverages & Foods Pvt Ltd
Arvind Gangoly Arvind Gangoly CEO, Schedulers Logistics India Pvt Ltd | @schedulersindia
Arvind Godara Arvind Godara MD, Natureland Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Ashmeet Kapoor Ashmeet Kapoor Founder & CEO, I Say Organic
Ashish Mantri Ashish Mantri MD, Abhay Cotex Pvt. Ltd
Chirag Arya Chirag Arya Founder,
Deepak Shahdadpuri Deepak Shahdadpuri Founder & MD, DSG Consumer Partner | @DSGCPvc
Dev Lall Dev Lall MD, Bakers Circle (India) Pvt Ltd
Dr. G.N.S. Reddy Dr. G.N.S. Reddy Managing Director, Akshayakalpa Farms and Foods Pvt. Ltd
Gajjender Yadav Gajjender Yadav Co-founder, 4s Foods | @4S_Foods
Girish Nadkarni Girish Nadkarni Partner, IDFC Alternatives
Gregory Kroitzsh Gregory Kroitzsh Founder & Managing Director, The Barking Deer Brewpub | @TheBarkingDeer
Hemendra Mathur Hemendra Mathur MD, SEAF India Investment Advisors
Hitin Suri Hitin Suri Joint Managing Director, Suri Agro Fresh Pvt Ltd
Ireena Vittal Ireena Vittal , Expert (Indian agriculture & urban change)
Jinesh Shah Jinesh Shah Founding Partner, Omnivore Partners | @OmnivoreFund
Karthic Ravindranath Karthic Ravindranath Director, Surya PowerMagic Pvt Ltd
Krishna Kumar Krishna Kumar Founder & CEO, CropIn Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd. | @CropInTech
Kushal Agarwal Kushal Agarwal CFO, Aspada Investment Advisors
Murali Krishnan Murali Krishnan CEO, The Nilgiri Dairy Farm Pvt. Ltd
P. Vijayraghavan P. Vijayraghavan Founder & CEO, Lawrencedale Agroprocessing India Pvt Ltd
Pawan Raj Kumar Pawan Raj Kumar Founder, Supa Star Foods
Prasoon Gupta Prasoon Gupta Founder & Director, Sattviko Restaurant
Pradeep Gidwani Pradeep Gidwani Coach & Founder, The Pint Room
Rajat Gupta Rajat Gupta Founder CEO, Tessol | @indiancoldchain
Raghav Verma Raghav Verma Co-founder, Chaayos
Rajesh Srivastava Rajesh Srivastava Chairman & Managing Director, Rabo Equity Advisors Pvt Ltd
Rakesh Sony Rakesh Sony Director, Black River Food Fund
Sagar Daryani Sagar Daryani Co-founder & CEO, Wow! Momo
Salil Gupta Salil Gupta CEO, Khyati Foods Pvt Ltd
Senthil Natarajan Senthil Natarajan Managing Director, Kovai Pazhamudir Nilayam
Vigyan Gadodia Vigyan Gadodia MD & CEO, Sahaj Agro Farm
Vijaya Pastala Vijaya Pastala Founder & CEO, Under The Mango Tree
VT Bharadwaj VT Bharadwaj Managing Director, Sequoia Capital India

Date: 28 October 2015
Address: Taj Lands End, Band Stand, Bandra (West) 
Mumbai 400 050 

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