VCCircle Financial Services Investment Summit 2015

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VCCircle Financial Services Investment Summit 2015
 Road ahead for achieving greater Financial Inclusion

Financial services is the back-bone of any modern economy and was also the prime cause for the global economic slowdown in 2008. While banks dominate the sector in India and continue to be riddled with bad loans of the past, growth in capital markets has created various other participants such as general NBFCs, gold loans firms, micro-lenders and more.

The government and the RBI have been conservative in opening the sector in the wake of global risk contagion. However, in the last two years several initiatives have been taken with the grant of license for new private banks, proposed virtual on-tap banking license for small and payments banks besides various financial inclusion moves. The authorities have also supported digital payment modes to facilitate the new economy.

All these have thrown a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to set up new businesses as well as fresh growth enhancers for established players. Indeed, several firms have attracted private funding as part of the growth outlook in the sector. But there are questions such as how the market would adjust to new business models and would traditional banking play second fiddle in the new economy going forward?.

To answer all of this and much more, VCCircle is launching its 3rd edition of VCCircle Financial Services Investment Summit 2015. The conference will host leading and emerging CEOs from banks, NBFCs, stock broking, insurance, advisory, wealth management, digital & mobile finance sector besides private equity investors, M&A experts, bankers, legal experts and regulators who are steering the financial space

The summit will focus on wide range of topics foraying into different segments of financial industry.

   • The road ahead for Indian financial services industry
   • Digital or traditional banking would lead the show?
   • How to integrate digital modules to reach out to over a billion people?
   • Consumer lending focused financial services businesses: mortgage companies, housing finance, personal loans, vehicle financing
   • Commercial lending focused financial services businesses: SMEs, infrastructure, food & agri lending
   • Changing face of banking with small bank and payments banks
   • Opportunities for insurance sector given the thrust to FDI: What are the implications of additional capitalisation on the sector & other allied businesses such as
      insurance broking and third party administration?
   • Reducing reliance on equity with further integration of debt market and REITs.

8:30am - 9:30am
Tea, Networking & Registration
9:30am - 9:45am
Introductory Note
9:45am - 10:30am
Panel I: The road ahead for Indian Financial Services Industry
Indian Financial Services sector is undergoing rapid expansion and is poised to grow exponentially on the background of demand from growing individual incomes, adoption of technology to achieve greater financial inclusion & government’s aggressive plans to reach the unbanked population through several initiatives being announced recently. On the other hand, the regulators and watch-dogs of the Indian financial sector have been complimenting the moves by supporting the market through subsequent rate cuts, opening up the sector to attract more foreign investments besides adopting simpler processes for IPOs, etc. amongst others. Meanwhile, technology adoption across the sub segments has been one of the demand drivers enabling financial services to reach the underserved population in the farfetched areas in the country. While all seems to be positive, challenges exists. What’s the road ahead for financial services industry in India? How does the future outlooks in the next 3 - 5 years?

Ashish Chauhan - CEO & MD, BSE
Prashant Purker - ED, ICICI Venture Funds
G.S Sundararajan - Whole Time Director, Shriram Capital Ltd
Bala Deshpande - Senior MD, NEA
Sanjay Kukreja - MD, Chrys Capital Advisors
Tamal Bandyopadhyay - Advisor, Bandhan Bank, and Consulting Editor, Mint (Moderator)

10:30am - 10:50am
Keynote Address: Non Bank Financial Companies - A Regulator’s Perspective
By Dr. Sathyan David - Chief General Manager, RBI, DNBS

10:50am - 11:10am
Keynote Address: Growing Importance of Digital Channels
By Rajiv Sabharwal - Executive Director, ICICI Bank

11:10am - 11:35am
Tea & Networking

11:35pm - 11:55am
Special Address: Unlocking the Potential of Latent Capital
By M.K. Sinha - Managing Partner & CEO, IDFC Alternatives Ltd

11:55am - 12:40pm
Panel II: Digital or traditional banking would lead the show?
Opening up of a bank account is typically said to be the first stage of entering the formal financial space. And as the survey reveals, most of the Indians still prefer cost-heavy traditional banking method that includes visiting a branch to accessing an ATM's and so on. In the move to create awareness among people to adopt branchless banking and other cost effective alternative channels, banks have been pushing hard to make use of technology to make use of banking products simpler. What will lead the show in medium to long term? Can we expect digital banking to outcast traditional banking systems? What are the new innovative products launched by marquee banks to address the evolving needs of digital-savvy customers? Is digital banking gaining acceptance in rural geographies? With initiatives such as Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Small & Payment banks aiming to bring the underserved under the ambit of formal financial, how will this change the face of banking services in the country?

Rajeev Ahuja - Head - Strategy, Retail, Financial Inclusion, RBL Bank
Deepak Sharma - EVP & Head - Digital Initiatives, Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
Rishi Gupta - MD & CEO, Fino Paytech
Promeet Ghosh - MD, Temasek Holdings Advisors
Nagaraj V Mylandla - Founder & Managing Director, Financial Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Anand Narayan - Senior MD, Creador (Moderator)

12:40pm - 1:40pm
Lunch & Networking

1:40pm - 2:20pm
VCCircle Insights I: How startups in digital lending space are using technology to disrupt the Indian Financial Services industry
In the light to attract new customers and build lean, asset light & cost effective business models, how much is there to learn for fintech startups from nimble, non -conventional financial service players?How is the Fintech lending space shaping up and what makes this space so hot globally? How big is the peer-to-peer lending and SME lending opportunity in India?  What are the regulatory aspects involved in fintech and digital lending? How does credit underwriting happens using tech?  How are loans originated and operations/collections managed differently in this business model as compared to the offline financial services industry? What makes this segment red hot for investors?

Piyush Khaitan - Co-founder & MD, NeoGrowth Credit
Gaurav Chopra - Co-founder,
Harshvardhan Lunia - Co-Founder & CEO,
Anup Kumar Agarwal - Senior Investment Officer, IFC
Gaurav Hinduja - Co-founder, Capital Float
Sachin Tagra - Head Financial Sevices, Brand Capital
Niren Shah - MD, Norwest Venture Partners (Moderator)

2:20pm - 2:40pm
Entrepreneur talk: Entrepreneurship in Financial Services: Opportunities and Challenges
By V Vaidyanathan - Executive Chairman, Capital First Group

2:40pm - 3:20pm
VCCircle Insights II: Overview of Consumer lending focused financial services businesses: Mortgage companies, housing finance, personal loans, gold loans and vehicle financing
Unlike the rising bad loans in the commercial lending business, the silver lining remains within consumer lending focussed businesses where we’ve seen non-performing assets plunging.  With an aim to cater to primary borrowing needs of millions of consumers, how efficient are the companies under this category in managing their lending operations? Buoyed by the recent success in retail financing business, which segments are driving investors’ attention? What are the opportunities emerging in the affordable housing space?To tap the needs of huge personal loan market & gold loans, how are financial loan providers expanding their capabilities? What are the technology interventions being pursued by consumer lending businesses? What are the emerging entrepreneurial opportunities and investment trends?

Madhusudan Menon - Executive Chairman & Co-founder, MHFC
Ranjit Punja - CEO & Co-founder,
Sunish Sharma - Managing Partner, Kedaara Capital
Umesh Revankar - Managing Director & CEO, Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd
Asanka Rodrigo - Partner, Industrials and Financial Services, Actis (Moderator)

3:20pm - 3:40pm
Tea & Networking

3:40pm - 4:00pm
Presentation: “SME lending - Ring-fencing the lender’s interest”
By Anuj Bugga - MD, FTI Consulting India Pvt Ltd

4:00pm - 4:40pm
VCCircle Insights III: Mapping commercial lending focused financial services opportunities: SMEs, Infrastructure financing, Food & Agri lending & more
Despite the shaken confidence & increasing NPA jittery, what's driving firms to scale up their SME loan portfolio? In the wake of improved economy, are infrastructure financing service providers revising the roadmap for infra investments? Are the stalled infra projects taking off?  What is the impact of pending policies such as land acquisition & environmental clearances on cash crunched infra and infra finance companies? What are the key initiatives pursed to serve Agri credit needs? Will promises of recently introduced norms around PSL certificates improve funding for Agri, Agri allied services and Infra sectors? What are the emerging opportunities available for entrepreneurs to serve the unmet needs?

Vimal Bhandari - MD & CEO, Indostar Capital Finance
Ramesh Iyer - MD, Mahindra Finance
Dr. Kshama Fernandes - MD & CEO, IFMR Capital
Saurabh Bhat - CEO, Venus Capital
Srikrishna Dwaram - Partner, India Value Fund
Bharat Bakhshi - Partner , Jacob Ballas Capital India Private Limited (Moderator)

4:40pm - 5:20pm
VCCircle Insights IV: Measuring impact of Microfinance in benefiting the "unbanked"
With huge impetus from the government and ambitious plans of making India financially inclusive, microfinance sector has been heating up drastically owing the large unmet demand of billion plus population. Several businesses serving bottom of the pyramid have emerged and have been doing great which in turn has caught investor’s attention. After a not so good sectoral experience in 2010, what’s driving entrepreneurs & investors re-gain trust and momentum in the sector? What is the reason behind investors’ keenness in taking huge exposure in such small -ticket lending business? What effect would the business correspondent model and small finance and payments bank licence have on the MFI sector? With these newer models, can we expect the composition of microfinance industry to change drastically in the coming years? Will the sector be more open to embrace innovations and technology?

Gautam Bhardwaj - Co-founder & MD, Invest India Micro Pension
Mukesh Gandhi - Co-founder & Director finance, Mas Financial Services
Ratna Vishwanathan - CEO, MFIN
Madhusudan Rajagopalan - Sector Head Financial Services, Tata Capital Growth Fund
Ritesh Chandra - Executive Director and Head - Consumer Group, Avendus Capital (Moderator)

5:20pm onwards
VCCircle Unwind
Continue the energy and networking of the day with more social time with top entrepreneurs and leading investors over cocktails

Anand Narayan Anand Narayan Managing Director, Creador Advisors India Pvt Ltd
Anuj Bugga Anuj Bugga Managing Director, Global Risk and Investigations, FTI Consulting India Pvt Ltd | @FTIConsulting
Anup Kumar Agarwal Anup Kumar Agarwal Senior Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation
Asanka Rodrigo Asanka Rodrigo Partner, Industrials and Financial Services, Actis
Ashish Chauhan Ashish Chauhan CEO & MD, BSE Ltd
Bala Deshpande Bala Deshpande Senior MD, NEA
Bharat Bakhshi Bharat Bakhshi Partner, Jacob Ballas Capital
Deepak Sharma Deepak Sharma Chief Digital Officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank
Kshama Fernandes Kshama Fernandes Managing Director & CEO, IFMR Capital | @IFMRCapital
Gautam Bhardwaj Gautam Bhardwaj Co-founder & Managing Director, Invest India Micro Pension Services Private Limited
Gaurav Chopra Gaurav Chopra Co-founder,
Gaurav Hinduja Gaurav Hinduja Co-founder, Capital Float | @CapitalFloat
G.S Sundararajan G.S Sundararajan Whole Time Director, Shriram Capital Ltd
Harshvardhan Lunia Harshvardhan Lunia Co-founder and CEO,
Madhusudhan Menon Madhusudhan Menon Executive Chairman & Co-founder, Micro Housing Finance Corporation Ltd
Madhusudan Rajagopalan Madhusudan Rajagopalan Sector Head - Financial Services, Tata Capital Growth Fund
MK Sinha MK Sinha Managing Partner and CEO, IDFC Alternatives Ltd
Mukesh Gandhi Mukesh Gandhi Co-founder & Director finance, Mas Financial Services Limited
Nagaraj V Mylandla Nagaraj V Mylandla Managing Director, Financial Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Niren Shah Niren Shah Managing Director, Norwest Venture Partners India
Piyush Khaitan Piyush Khaitan Co-founder & MD, NeoGrowth Credit Pvt. Ltd
Prashant Purker Prashant Purker Executive Director, ICICI Venture Funds Management Company Limited
Promeet Ghosh Promeet Ghosh Managing Director, Temasek Holdings Advisors India Pvt. Ltd | @Temasek
Rajeev Ahuja Rajeev Ahuja Head - Strategy, Retail, Financial Inclusion and Transaction Banking, RBL Bank Ltd
Rajiv Sabharwal Rajiv Sabharwal Executive Director, ICICI Bank
Ramesh Iyer Ramesh Iyer MD, Mahindra Finance
Ranjit Punja Ranjit Punja CEO & Co-founder,
Rishi Gupta Rishi Gupta MD & CEO, FINO PayTech Limited
Ritesh Chandra Ritesh Chandra Executive Director and Head, Consumer Group, Avendus Capital
Ratna Viswanathan Ratna Viswanathan CEO, Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN)
Sachin Tagra Sachin Tagra Head Financial Sevices, Brand Capital
Sanjay Kukreja Sanjay Kukreja Managing Director, ChrysCapital Advisors Pvt Ltd
Saurabh Bhat Saurabh Bhat CEO, Venus India Asset Finance Pvt. Ltd.
Srikrishna Dwaram Srikrishna Dwaram Partner, India Value Fund
Dr. Sathyan David Dr. Sathyan David Chief General Manager, DNBS, RBI
Sunish Sharma Sunish Sharma Managing Partner, Kedaara Capital Advisors LLP
Tamal Bandyopadhyay Tamal Bandyopadhyay Advisor Strategy, Bandhan Bank
Umesh Revankar Umesh Revankar Managing Director & CEO, Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd
V Vaidyanathan V Vaidyanathan Founder and Chairman, Capital First Ltd
Vimal Bhandari Vimal Bhandari Managing Director and CEO, IndoStar Capital Finance Pvt Ltd

Date: 26th August

Address: Four Seasons Hotel,
Plot no 1/136, Dr. E Moses Rd, Worli,
Mumbai - 400 018

Shriram Capital

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