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Today Indian healthcare sector, popularly termed as a defensive bet is among the fastest double digit growing sector driven by rising disposable income, urbanization, life style diseases, growing healthcare awareness, insurance covers, and patient- centric healthcare delivery.

Moreover huge potential in the Indian healthcare sector clearly indicates private equity funds interest is not just limited to bringing money but also to offer much needed boost in terms of innovation, quality, accessibility & affordability across various sub categories within the healthcare space namely - tertiary care hospitals, single speciality, primary care, pharma diagnostic and medical devices, consumables, healthcare IT among others.

To recognize the needs and opportunities within the nation’s healthcare economy, VCCircle in its very new format is excited to announce its 6th edition of Healthcare Investment Summit 2014.

Click here, for more details on the previous year’s Healthcare Investment Summit agenda, which had a stellar participation from more than 250+ leading and emerging healthcare entrepreneurs, investors betting on the sector.

This year the summit will focus on:
     •  Indian Healthcare Delivery: A reality check
     •  Indian Pharma Story is back: What is driving it?
     •  Low cost & indigenous medical devices/consumables: Opportunities and challenges
     •  What next for Indian diagnostics/radiology chains?
     •  Vertical Plays - Eye care, Dental care, IVF, Baby care & more: Can they scale?
     •  Healthcare IT - Opportunities in Indian & Overseas market    

The summit will feature top healthcare CEOs, doctors, medico-entrepreneurs, private equity and venture capital investors to explore, discuss & debate on how to create world class healthcare systems in India.

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For registration: Click Here  or write to Sandeep/ Ipshita at or call 0120-4171111. 


8:30am - 9:15am
Tea, Networking & Registration

9:15am - 09:30am
Introductory Note

9:30am - 10:15am
Panel I: Indian healthcare delivery: A reality check
The family doctor concept seems to be fading away. Are the masses moving towards fewer bed-single specialties for personalised treatment or all-in-one large corporate hospitals? What are the revenue maximisation models that are driving the multi & single specialty space? What are the pain points in managing investor-doctor-administration relations? At what point in time does de-linking star doctors from administration & brands become imperative? What are the expectations on return on capital & profitability, considering the capital intensive nature of the business? Amid the recent addition of large multi specialty hospitals, what are the different approaches taken by corporate chain hospitals in creating doctor value propositions? Where is the industry moving in terms of raising money? When can we see exits happening? With too many deals happening in the hospitals segment, is consolidation the way forward?

Dr. Sameer Khan - CEO, Rockland Hospitals
Rohit Kapoor - Senior Director, Max India Limited
Dr. Vishal Beri - CEO, Hinduja Healthcare
Siddharth Dhondiyal - Director, India Value Fund Advisors
Vishal Bali - Asia Head - Healthcare, TPG Growth (Moderator)

10:15am - 11:00am
Panel II: Indian pharma story is back: What is driving it?
What are the innovations seen in the pharma which are likely to impact healthcare delivery? With number of drugs coming under the pricing regime with DPCO 2013, how are companies trying to cope with rising pricing pressure, reduced margins & demand from the domestic market? How is the pricing regime likely to affect the hospitals? How is the future outlook for domestic market looking like? With the enactment of new drug pricing policy, rising opportunity around consumer pharma OTC & OTX drugs, where are the innovations that are seen? What is adding to the current visibility for pharma exports? Is a consolidation play witnessed in the segment?

Ramesh Swaminathan - CFO, Lupin Ltd
Praneet Singh - MD, Siglur Gulf & Company
Ranga Iyer - Healthcare Consultant, Former MD, Wyeth India
Srinivas Lanka - Mentor to Industrialists, Elix Global
Kedar Rajadnye - President & COO - Consumer Products, Piramal Healthcare Limited
Shiraz Bugwadia - MD, o3 Capital (Moderator)

11:00am - 11:25am
Tea & Networking Break

11:25am - 12:10pm
Panel III: Low cost & indigenous medical devices/consumables: Opportunities and challenges
Medical devices, including equipment, implants and consumables, are heavily seen dominated by imports & MNCs. Is there a reverse trend seen in the domestic market? Is India setting up the stage for manufacturing low-cost, custom-made, indigenous & high quality medical devices? What are the opportunities in the low-value consumables segment? How can Indian firms leverage opportunities globally? Given the demand-supply issue, is the sector gaining traction and interest from investors? What measures can be taken to remove supply chain inefficiencies involving vendors and  hospital monopoly which is increasing the burden on patients? What opportunity does point-of-care diagnostics add to equipment players?

K Chandrashekhar - CEO, Forus Healthcare
Balasubramaniam - CEO, Cura Medical Devices
Sameer Garde - President, Philips Healthcare, South Asia
Nirmal Poddar - President - Manufacturing, TransAsia Bio-Medical
Rajesh Dalal - Former M.D. of J&J Medical & Venture Partner, OrbiMed Asia
Dr. Prem Pavoor - MD, Fidelity Growth Partners India (Moderator)

12:10pm - 12:55pm
Panel IV: What next for Indian diagnostics & radiology chains?
A rise in chronic diseases and increasing awareness about preventive medicine has opened up new opportunities for diagnostic and radiology space in India. What are the emerging opportunities in the niche area of radiology, which requires high capital investment? What is the potential for the new breed of entrepreneurs in the largely fragmented and unorganised doctor-driven diagnostic space? How friendly is the ecosystem in increasing penetration of diagnostic services in neglected geographies? How to mitigate issues of quality and governance while scaling? What are the technological advancements seen in this space? Considering the surge in the number of patients opting for pathological and radiological tests, is merging & convergence the best suitable option for both the arms?

Dr. Om Manchanda - CEO, Dr. Lal PathLabs Pvt. Ltd
Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur - Founder & CEO, Tele Radiology
Dr. Sanjay Arora - MD & Founder, Suburban Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd
Dr. A Velumani - Creator & CEO, Thyrocare Technologies Ltd
Hari Buggana - MD, InvAscent (Moderator)

12:55pm - 1:55pm
Lunch & Networking

1:55pm - 2:40pm
Panel V: Emerging models in primary healthcare: Can they revolutionise primary care delivery?
With the initial demand being driven by primary care in the healthcare services space, how are organised players looking at revolutionising unorganised but imperative primary healthcare delivery model? What can drive patients away from trusted doctors next door to primary care setups? How lucrative is the business opportunity for super specialty hospitals in instituting non-capital-intensive primary healthcare delivery model? Can such relatively expensive modern chains gain success in driving Indian masses? If yes, what can be the conversion rate? Can the emerging models in primary healthcare get lucky in eating away revenues of highly expensive super-specialist hospital care?

Neeraj Garg - CEO, Apollo Health & Lifestyle
Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay - Founder & CEO, NationWide Primary Healthcare
Kaushik Sen - CEO & Co-Founder, Healthspring Community Medical Centres
Rahul Chadha - CEO, Religare Wellness Ltd
Monika Sood - Co-founder & Partner, Arete Advisors LLP (Moderator)

2:40pm - 3:25pm
Panel VI: Vertical plays - Eye care, dental care, IVF, baby care, dialysis & more: Can they scale up?
How standalone specialty care chains like dental care, baby care, fertility, eye care, dialysis centres, and cosmetics panning out their presence at a larger scale? Which are the other single specialty chains playing out in the market? What is luring investors to invest in single specialty hospitals? Is the asset light, specialised chain model getting red hot? How unique are the offerings? Are these specialised chains changing the face of the healthcare industry? Considering the market remains fragmented for specialised vertical players, how are these chains planning to tackle issues related to scaling up, managing ROIs & quality standards across different locations?

Dr. R Kishore Kumar - CMD & Sr Consultant Neonatologist, Cloudnine
Vikram Vuppala - Founder & CEO,NephroPlus
Amarinder Singh - CEO, Clove Dental
Dr Amit Sachdeva - Promoter & Director, Axiss Dental Private Limited
Sudhir Bahl - Director (India) & Executive-in-Residence (Dubai), TVM Capital Healthcare Partners (Moderator)

3:25pm - 4:10pm
Panel VII: Use of technology in improvising healthcare delivery: Data, insights & analytics
With too much information asymmetry, how impressive can technology be in improving patient care? How can IT & data be used to improve efficiency and bring transparency? How can analytics be applied on captured patient data for prompt delivery? What can real time information do in changing the way healthcare operates? What are the growing opportunities & innovations in telemedicine, booking appointments online, e-recording segments? What are the other innovative, cost effective, patient friendly technologies delivering quality healthcare? What are the emerging opportunities in patient education around procedures, costs and quality for informed consent?

Arvind Kumar - CEO & MD, ATTUNE Technologies
Varun Sood - CIO & Head - Strategic Initiatives, Fortis Healthcare Limited
Dr. Sanjay Parikh - Executive VP- Europe and Member of the Board, Indegene Lifesystems Pvt Ltd
Ravi Virmani - Founder & MD, Credi Health Pvt Ltd
Dr.Ruchi Dass - Founder & CEO, HealthCursor Consulting Group (Moderator)

4:10pm - 5:00pm
Tea & Networking

5:00pm onwards
VCCircle Healthcare Awards 2014 & Cocktails

VCCircle is proud to present its 2nd edition of VCCircle Healthcare Awards to recognise and award the best innovations & fast growing companies in the following categories:
     •  Emerging Multi-speciality Healthcare Provider
     •  Most Innovative Delivery/Product/Services Entity in Healthcare
     •  Most Indigenous Equipment/Devices company
     •  Best Diagnostic Service Company
     •  Emerging Wellness/Healthcare Retail Company
     •  Most Promising Healthcare Startup

Nomination Closed. For any query, write to or call 0120-4171111.

VCCircle Healthcare Awards Jury
     •  Rajen Padukone, Group President, Manipal Education and Medical Group
     •  Ajay Kumar Vij, Co-Founder & CEO, Asian Healthcare Fund
     •  Dr. Om Manchanda, CEO, Dr. Lal PathLabs Pvt. Ltd


Amarinder Singh Amarinder Singh CEO, Clove Dental
Arvind Kumar Arvind Kumar CEO & MD, ATTUNE Technologies
Dr. Amit Sachdeva Dr. Amit Sachdeva Promoter & Director, Axiss Dental Private Limited
Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur Founder & CEO, Tele Radiology
Dr. A Velumani Dr. A Velumani Creator and Chief Executive Officer, Thyrocare Technologies Ltd | @Thyrocare
Bala Subramaniam Bala Subramaniam CEO, Cura Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Hari Buggana Hari Buggana MD, InvAscent
Kaushik Sen Kaushik Sen CEO & Co-Founder, Healthspring Community Medical Centres
Kedar Rajadnye Kedar Rajadnye President & COO - Consumer Products, Piramal Healthcare Limited
K.Chandrasekhar K.Chandrasekhar Founder & CEO, Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.
Monika Sood Monika Sood Co-founder & Partner, Arete Advisors LLP | @AreteAdvisors
Neeraj Garg Neeraj Garg CEO, Apollo Health & Lifestyle
Nirmal Poddar Nirmal Poddar President - Manufacturing, Transasia Bio-medicals Ltd
Om Manchanda Om Manchanda CEO, Dr Lal PathLabs
Praneet Singh Praneet Singh MD, Siguler Guff & Company
Dr. Prem Pavoor Dr. Prem Pavoor MD, Fidelity Growth Partners India
Rahul Chadha Rahul Chadha CEO, Religare Wellness Ltd
Rajesh Dalal Rajesh Dalal Former M.D. of J&J Medical & Venture Partner, OrbiMed Asia
Ramesh Swaminathan Ramesh Swaminathan CFO, Lupin Ltd
Ranga Iyer Ranga Iyer Healthcare Consultant, Former MD, Wyeth India
Ravi Virmani Ravi Virmani Founder & MD, Credi Health Pvt Ltd
Rohit Kapoor Rohit Kapoor Sr. Director - Strategy and Business Performance, Max India Limited
Dr. R. Kishore Kumar Dr. R. Kishore Kumar CMD & Sr Consultant Neonatologist, Cloudnine (Kids Clinic India)
Dr.Ruchi Dass Dr.Ruchi Dass CEO & Founder, HealthCursor Consulting Group
Sameer Garde Sameer Garde President, Philips Healthcare, South Asia
Shiraz Bugwadia Shiraz Bugwadia MD, o3 Capital
Siddharth Dhondiyal Siddharth Dhondiyal MD, India Value Fund Advisors
Srinivas Lanka Srinivas Lanka Mentor to Industrialists, Elix Global
Sudhir Bahl Sudhir Bahl Director (India) & Executive-in-Residence (Dubai), TVM Capital Healthcare Partners
Dr. Sameer Khan Dr. Sameer Khan CEO, Rockland Hospitals
Dr. Sanjay Arora Dr. Sanjay Arora MD & Founder, Suburban Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd
Dr. Sanjay Parikh Dr. Sanjay Parikh Executive VP- Europe and Member of the Board, Indegene Lifesystems Pvt Ltd
Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay Founder & CEO, NationWide Primary Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd.
Varun Sood Varun Sood CIO & Head - Strategic Initiatives, Fortis Healthcare Limited
Vikram Vuppala Vikram Vuppala Founder & CEO, NephroPlus
Dr. Vishal Beri Dr. Vishal Beri CEO, Hinduja Healthcare Limited

Date: 25th Sept 2014


The Taj Mahal Palace
Apollo Bunder
Mumbai - 400 001
Maharashtra, India

India Value Fund Advisors (IVFA)

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