Vishal Mehta

  • Vishal Mehta

    Founder & CEO,

    Vishal Mehta is the founder, CEO of With a stellar academic record, he entered Cornell University where he studied Operations Research & Management. After graduating with honours, he joined Dell to gain some real world industry experience and then pursued management studies at MIT. In the post Internet-bubble burst era where raising capital became difficult and the future of ecommerce was doubtful, he joined Amazon. He worked at Amazon for several years in technology, finance and corporate development roles.

    In persue to build his dream technology company, he moved back to India in 2007, and incorporated Infibeam. After more than ten years of his life in the US, he winded up his assets to venture out in India. Today, InfiBeam has more than one crore retail products and 50 lakh visits per month by Indians online who buy everything from books to music to mobiles.

    Infibeam has also opened up its technology platform under the URL where any store owner without any technology know-how and software training can open an online store of their own in easy 5 steps within ten minutes. More than 15 thousand retailers in India today use buildabazaar to create and run their online stores including TheMobileStore, Crossword, VIP bags, Airtel and many more.