Vivek Agarwal

  • Vivek Agarwal

    MD and CEO, LIQVID e-learning services

    Vivek is the MD and CEO of Liqvid. The company derives its name from two words - ‘vid’ for ‘to know’ in Sanskrit and ‘liquidus’ for ‘fluid, flowing’ in Latin. The idea is to provide personalised learning through application of cutting edge technology.

    Liqvid has developed a ‘mobile first’, digital language learning platform, and leverages it to provide cutting edge language learning and other solutions to enterprises, institutions and consumers globally. Liqvid follows a unique technology based, assissted learning methodology. It provides English learning solutions in India under the brand English Edge. This program has been deployed at over 5000 locations, delivering more than 1.5 million hours of instruction to more than 600,000 learners.

    Before starting Liqvid, Vivek had co-founded egurucool, which  provided curriculum support and test prep courses for K-12 students in India. eGurucool emerged as the pioneer in the field of elearning in India, combining a unique learning methodology and a huge infrastructure of technology and content creation processes. The company raised more than $11 M from investors, which included Newscorp and IFC, Washington and was subsequently sold to NIIT, India.

    Vivek has done his MBA from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He has a passionate interest in education and is committed to exploring how technology can help reach millions of people.