Yashodhan Sathe

  • Yashodhan Sathe

    Chief Investment Officer, IndiaVenture Advisors (Piramal Group)

    Yashodhan is the Chief Investment Officer of IndiaVenture Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (IndiaVenture), a company sponsored by the Piramal Group. IndiaVenture is the Investment Manager for IndiaVenture Trust  Fund I, a Healthcare & Life Sciences focussed private equity fund having a corpus of US$ 100 mn.

    A private equity professional with 12 years experience in the field, Yashodhan has extensive fund management expertise; including: deal sourcing, investment appraisal, analysis and structuring, fund raising and a strong exit track record. Yashodhan investment horizons have encompassed various sectors including, inter-alia, healthcare & life sciences, infrastructure, oil and gas, telecoms, textiles, logistics, retailing, IT enabled services, etc. Additionally, Yashodhan has extensive experience in investing at various stages in the life-cycle of a company viz. Start-ups, growth capital, funding for M&A, turnaround situations and buy-outs.

    Prior to joining IndiaVenture, Yashodhan served as Director, WL Ross (India) Private Limited and Associate Director with IL&FS Investment Managers Limited.

    Yashodhan is a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) with a post-graduate qualification in
    Finance (Mumbai) and a Masters in Business Administration from the Manchester Business School, Manchester, United Kingdom.