Yogendra Vasupal

  • Yogendra Vasupal

    Co-founder & CEO, Stayzilla

    Stayzilla is the brainchild of Mr.Yogendra Vasupal and was started in 2005 as Inasra Technologies and rebranded in 2010 as Stayzilla. Yogi, as he is referred to, dropped out of engineering to start a career at the age of 19 by undertaking freelancing projects to develop web-based applications and ecommerce portals. As his tryst with e-commerce grew deeper, he developed a vision to launch an ecommerce portal of his own. That vision grew into the inception of an online portal for hotel accommodations anywhere in India known as Stayzilla.


    Stayzilla focuses on tier II towns and ensures that travellers can easily search and locate thousands of budget hotels across India, many of whom are not online. It has 3,800 hotels, lodges and even boathouses in its network. It raised its first institutional round of equity funding from Matrix Partners India.