Yusuf Motiwala

  • Yusuf Motiwala

    Founder, TringMe

    Yusuf Motiwala is the founder and CEO. He brings 14 years of data & telecom design experience to TringMe. Prior to founding TringMe in 2007, he held key architecture and management position at Aricent (then HSS), Lucent Technologies, Texas Instruments etc. He received various awards for recognition of his technical contribution at Lucent & Texas Instrument including prestigious MGTS by TI president & Best-in-class award at TI.

    Yusuf has filed multiple patents in the area of IPTV and telecommunication. He is also an author of few IEEE/ACM papers and got special mention in RFC 4067 for his contribution to wireless context transfer.

    He holds Masters Degree in EE from IIT, Bombay. He was also served as research engineer at Stanford University, Palo Alto for a Bell labs research project.